Monday, 26 April 2010


Hi !!

I went to an amazing 'Masterclass' on Friday 23rd April in Windsor; it was to increase my learning of dogs behaviour and how to study more behaviour patterns!  It was with Sarah Whitehead of Alpha Education P.O. Box 372 Windsor Berkshire SL4 4WH.  If you want a recommended course regarding our canine friends then contact Sarah.

Sarah is a brilliant teacher and her classes are intensive cover all aspects of a dogs' behaviour and how we can study their patterns and LEARN!

On Friday I met other people all having one thing in common - to learn to be better trainers, handlers and some just responsible dog owners!  We had a open friendly discussion about our veiws - myself being as vocal as usual!! 

Great Day out and I actually learnt something too! The Best of the Day was Jackson Sarah's canine host
who kept us all in our places!!

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