Thursday, 29 July 2010

Dog Show 2010

Hi All Dog Lovers!

Just letting you all know how my 'Dog Show' went - The Sun was shining - Everybody was well behaved - and the owners were too!

Silas the Bassett Hound won Best Socialised Dog Best Vetran was Bull Breed Khan and Judy the Whippet were joint winners - Ms Diva was Snoopy a terrier and 2nd Emma a Jack Russell Mr. Slick (handsomest male) was won by Reg a Bull mastiff and 2nd was an old English Collie called Rufty Tuff.

Best Rescue was Tyson (a yorkshire terrier) and 2nd was a staffi/x called BB.  I LUV MY STAFFI was won by A silver Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Terror - What a Beauty and 2nd was Rocky another sweetheart! Last but not least PUP IDOL was won by Frankie a EnglishBull Terrier pup and 2nd was LULU a stunning Jack Russell and SHADOW an adorable husky - all delighful pups!!

Great Day - and the Best thing was how all breeds Big and Small socialised together in Harmony.  Dogs can teach us so much about how to live together in an ideal world.

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