Monday, 25 April 2011

South Westminster Dog Workshop 26th April, 2011

Dog Workshop @ St. Georges Square London SW1
Time 11.00a.m.-12.30p.m.

Classes are starting again in South Westminster on Saturday 7th May 2011, and every 'dog owner' in South Westminster can register for the classes tommorrow at the Dog Workshop.

I will be there to give Advice and some one-one training (Free) on any 'dog behavioural ' problem.  Free Neutering Vouchers for 'all Bull Breeds' will be available and advice on pet insurance, diet, visiting the vet' 'seperation anxiety' 'dogs pulling on the lead' toliet training' and 'any local dog issues'

'All Breeds of Dogs' are dear to my heart and with patience, understanding their body language, vet checks and lots of TLC you can have a 'lifelong' companion' who will love you back unconditionally.

Look forward to meeting the new 'dogs on the block' and their owners tommorrow!

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