Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dog Socialising classes South Westminster Second Session March 2012

Saturday 17th March, 2012

Second Class - Had arranged to meet Ceasar the staffordshire bull terrier and his owner just before classes started - just to go over the recall (thats what I love about staffies give them something to 'focus on' and they learn in an instant).  Ceasar was running back and forwards to his owner who was holding his favourtie ball' for his reward.  Another new 'pup' to the class came along - so excited to see all 'new' doggy friends - six month old retriever called Fudge - running round in excited circles - no basics but adorable to watch. A very tiny poodle came in to the class - with 'I am a big dog syndrome' with his female pal a lurcher!!

At the beginning of the class I discussed and demonstrated what to do when 'confronted' with an irresponsible owner and their dog (who might show by his/her body lanquage aggressive behaviour).  Also the question came up 'Should I neuter my dog and 'What age'.  With a female I always say let her have one season (making sure she is not in contact with any male dogs and kept on lead while out on walks) and then spay her before the next season. With male dogs I always point out that neutering DOES not cure behaviour problems BUT of course it stops unwanted litter of puppies - and some dogs hormones are more outrageous than others and the best solution is to have them neutered after eight or ten months.  Most Rescues insist on all their dogs being neutered/spayed as shelters are overflowing with unwanted litters of puppies through irresponsible breeding,However I do suggest that  a  dog's 'case' is a choice that should be discussed with your vet and your reasons 'for' and 'against' should be  talked over thoroughly  so that you have the full facts of the positives.

Dorf decided he was going to show how recall was done and loved the attention until Leon the poodle decided he was getting 'bored' and decided to chase Dorf and Ceasar - so I decided to let the dogs all off lead and have some 'Fun Time'!

Training classes as well as being instructive should also be enjoyable for both dog and owner and have some time off lead (in the enclosed area) to let off steam.  Back on lead we walk in pairs practicing Lead control and how to stop 'pulling on the lead'

The rain at least held off for most of the lesson, thankfully and classes ended on schedule.

Next class 24th March at 2pm

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