Thursday, 19 April 2012

Education on Dog Care and Responsibility

Crissie and 'Missy-Blue' @ Queens Park Library
2lst March 2012

Missy Blue and I went to Queens Park Library to do a talk on animal care and responsibility.
Some  children are scared of dogs and do not know how to react around them - and their actions could ACTUALLY enhance and excite a dogs behaviour.

When a child sees a dog coming towards them their reaction can be to show their fear by screaming, shouting or worse still running!  The dog (majority) could see this as a game and get excited jumping up and chasing after the child.  It does not mean the dog is aggressive - that it will bite the child BUT  the 'game' to the dog is 'fear and pure fright' to a child!

So in these 'talks' I explain how to act around dogs - NOT to run - Stand Still try to remain as calm as they can and NOT Scream, Shout or Kick out at the dog.  If approaching a dog ALWAYS ask their owner if  it is alright to stroke the dog BEFORE you do!

Missy Blue my own 'rescue dog' loves 'attention' and being 'stroked' but she has been trained to wait until the child approaches her - (some children  have never been near a dog before and are very nervous) sit patiently while they 'decide' to stroke her.  Some go to pat her then change their minds and then get 'brave' again and so forth, so Missy Blue has to be very patient and not jump up or move towards them but 'sit' for quite a while!!  It is a great way of introducing children to dogs and also making them understand the responsibility of having a 'family pet' and the need to understand that all living creatures need to be treated with care and respect

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