Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fund Day Out @ Queens Park Festival W10

Michael with Max a Cavalier Springer contender @ the Dog Show
Community Champion Winner 'Shadow with his owner 'David  Fahr'
What a great day - starting with the workshop where I did a one to one with Coco the staffie who had a few 'social behaviour' problems - with other dogs.  Have arranged to meet Coco and her owner next session to work on her behaviour.

As the Queens Park Community Festival I decided to have a 'doggy factor' event where the most appealing mutt was chosen by our local councillor - The winner was Olly a retriever and second was Emma a jack russell - both well known in Queens Park!!

Every year a community trophy is given to the dog and their owner who has improved in both behaviour and benefited mostly from dog socialising classes.  This year was Shadow a two year old husky owned by the Fahr Family.  David Fahr walks Shadow two or three times a day, walks him on a lead, but why I chose David is because he makes other dog owners aware of being responsible and of the correct way of looking after your dog. Well done David.

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