Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Welcome to the year of Canine Culture 2013

Its the first month of the new year and canine culture wishes every dog owner and of course their canines a great and exciting new year ahead.

So far this month though the snow was great for our doggy pals to enjoy running and playing with snowballs and racing up and down in the parks and woodland!! - it was not the ideal weather for 'puppy training'!! Walking on lead and teaching adventurous or nervous pups not to pull when you yourself are slipping and sliding on the icy pavements is NOT a trainers  or owners ideal training session -  and definitely not for the 'pup in training' - the best weather to sit and stay, when a warm fire and their favourite bed was waiting for them indoors!

So dog training classes and one to one sessions and assessments were put on hold until late January and Early February.

Last week as weather improved  I had a one on one with Alfie the maltese terrier and his pal a terrier mix called Ken (who apparently was a bad influence on Alfie) - of course nothing to do with his owner or Alfie's!! Alfie and his canine partner in crime Ken were barking at certain dogs - like the local rottiweiler  or the Bull Mastiff or maybe a twelve year old greyhound - the Bigger the bolder the bark. Also jumping up at people to say a friendly but boisterous hello! So after meeting in the local park and letting both dogs have a good run together and let off steam while I got some more information and history on Alfie and Ken we left to walk the streets of Grovenor Road SW1 and Belgravia
Firstly I wanted to observe how Alfie and Ken's owners reacted to their behaviour - everytime they saw another big dog approaching they would verbally 'reassure' their dogs and saying 'Be good boys' - and don't bark etc. - what they were doing was condoning their behaviour - my training method is to use verbal or 'food' reward to praise a dog when they have done something to earn it only.

I walked Alfie by my side and when he went to Bark I ignored him -  stopped with the lead turned his head round to the side and immediately he stopped I verbally praised him 'Good Boy' and after a few stops - turns and 'good boys' he was walking more confident but without the barking and as for Ken he trotted by his owners side with not so much as a 'squeak'. Giving both owners doggy homework - for the next seven days - and then for our next session - food guarding!

One of my other clients is Bella a chocolate labrador four months old - such a good student until that labrador's stubborn trait appears!! Perfect sit and stay - recall - its still a game of hide and seek for her owner - still early days. 'How do you do it Crissie - she comes straight to you - but not to me' her young  owner cries -  practice and patience and making yourself exciting and the main focus of your dog!! Back next monday for another training session with my canine 'peter pan'.

Dates of classes and workshops will be on my website soon and if you just want a friendly word of advice  on a new pup, rescue dog I am sure I will have some time to spare on 07949523710

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