Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Missing Dogs - Tessa from NW8

Saturday 10th August 2013

London NW8

After a great day of a successful  Dog Show and the presentation of the Canine Community Cup to two worthy dogs and owners and a successful Queens Park Festival I came home jubilant and patting myself on the back - job 'Well done'!!

Jinny the Ealing Dog Warden had had over 15 dogs who came to the same day FREE 'microchipping  event' and  I offered dog advice and helped register the dogs. All dogs Big and small - all breeds were well controlled and kept in check. By the time evening came - and I had walked my two pooches - I was ready for sleep - so all phones - computers were turned off until next morning!

Sunday 11th August 2013

I awoke to learn that a rescue dog from Romania - Tessa a ginger and white crossbreed - was missing after one day with her new adoptors.  Tessa at seven months - fostered in the countryside - now DogLost - frightened in London  NW8.  Suddenly all yesterdays 'feeling of job well done' was gone and I was along with other volunteer rescuers looking out there on the streets of NW8, W9 and W11 looking for Tessa!

Ten days later we are still looking - we have had several sightings yesterday evening in Holland Park W11 and have set up a trap But we need more volunteers to man the trap and time is running out as Notting Hill Gate Carnival approaches this week end.

Dog SOS Please if anyone spots her or sights her contact me or Niz Khan or Local Dog Warden or Dog LostUK -
Remember Tessa is very nervous and will run if chased or cornered -

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