Friday, 8 November 2013

Friday 08th November 2013

Today my client was a hyperactive - cheeky - mouthy young lady!! Jumping up - lots of 'social graces' to be learned - and pure pedigree German Shepherd and at three months old was definitely in need of some training!!

German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs but also need to be kept both mentally and physically stimulated and active as can in latter years suffer from hip problems if not regularly exercised.  It is very sad to  see this magnificent breed when they have been kept as 'security dogs' kept in small contained areas or chained and put out on industrial plants as 'guard dogs' - with such limited exercise and movement they lead a lonely and isolated life often ending their lives early and suffer hip dysplasia.

Sheba was raring to go - a Beautiful girl who soon picked up negative actions got ignored and positives got 'rewards' - after giving her 'guardians' doggy homework on 'mouthing' 'jumping up' and 'lead control' and giving Sheba a last 'Sit and Stay Goodbye Treat' I was back onto the streets of St Johns Wood NW8 and a typical English downpour,

Will be going back in 10 days to see how 'guardians' and 'Sheba is doing and see who is training who!

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