Monday, 7 April 2014

Dogs of Romania

Working with all breeds of dogs and dog owners from all over London - meeting dog lovers - from all over the world  - in UK I am often asked the 'question' - Why do you support 'transporters ' small rescues' and 'donate' to help the dog the street dogs of Romania!

And the answer is 'simple' - The Romanian Government was given over one billion euros by the EU Commission for 'public funds' in 2013 - the final payment by August 2013 and then the 'animal carnage began' - stray dogs on the streets of Romania were 'rounded up' by 'dog catchers' - beaten - poisoned and worse - loyal rescuers like Arwen - Adina and many more romanian angels - work night and day to rescue 'as many as they can'.  They need help with donations so they can fully  vaccinate neuter and transport to loving owners - in other parts of Europe and UK with the proper paperwork and passports.

 In  UK we have some kind of animal welfare system - in romania they have NONE and their own Government is paying to kill these dogs in the most horrific way.

In UK we NEED not to only get OUR AFFAIRS in order - by ending Laws like BSL and making Laws that GIVE lengthy prison sentences to any  form of animal abuse - Punish illegal dog fighting ring participants with sentencing and confiscating all Assets  - BUT until countries like Romania and their governments STOP their horrendous crimes against animals - I like many others will continue with my support and petitions to make EU and our 'supposedly animal loving country' ONE DAY STAND up and LISTEN and ACT

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