Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dog Fighting HAS TO STOP!

2nd December 2010

My pilot 'Dog Socialising Classes' have begun in South Westminster, an area I know but am unknown to the residents! I spent a few weeks before the classes commencing walking round and visiting the local Dog Area in St. Georges Square and Churchill Gardens Estate.  Introducing myself to local residents and of course any four legged resident that I met, I found the idea of Socialising Classes regarding Training/Responsible Ownership was greeted with very positive reactions!

I found  a number of owners that had bull breeds - Benson a handsome Black Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a young mum - who said he was such a gentlemen EXCEPT HE PULLED on the lead and needed some help.  Another extremely friendly boy was Trigger also a Puller and Jumped Up at everyone he saw. Both Young mums thought Classes were a great idea.

Henessey the Beagle's owner had not heard about the classes and was in the dog run when it began - She was delighted as Henessey showed his 'behaviour techniques' by barking at everyone and running everywhere but back to his owner! Oscar the puppy who was obviously IN CHARGE - lovely nature but he did what Oscar wanted to do!  Charley the Pug was there for a Beginners Course - and was a bit overwhelmed at first. The lesson went well and as it progressed more dog owners became involved. We discussed diet, visits to the vets, disruptive owners and aggressive pets, barking and walking to heel on the lead.

During my lesson on Tuesday 30th, I met  Luna a ten month german shepherd who had been attacked 3 times by dogs owned by irresponsible owners - and learned more about the 'dog attacks' and 'dog fighting' that was taking place in the area. I was given an area where 'dog fighting' was constantly taking place and am making an official report to the local authorities including the local police. (Just waiting for luna's owner to email me the full details).

Part of my Project for South Westminster is to work with the community and local authorities to STOP DOG FIGHTING. - this ILLEAGAL INHUMANE - 'Its not the BREED Its the DEED' . Dogs are not only bred to fight - others are used as BAIT DOGS - Either way all the animals suffer horrendous injuries , a lot die from their injuries or are killed when they are no longer 'useful'!

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