Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dogs/Puppies Are for Life Not Just for Xmas

 12th December 2010

Its nearly Christmas and there are going to be many children asking for that 'puppy' for Christmas - But Stop Think - A puppy grows into a Dog and once Christmas is over - Was it reallly a GOOD IDEA!  The puppy needs tolite training - its chewing all the presents - it needs walking - the kids are back at school and you are going back to working an eight hour day!

So what can you do - go to the local rescue - which is FULL of abandoned - surrendered - mistreated - puppies BECAUSE people (could be like you) didn't THINK before getting the puppy of the LONG TERM COMMITTMENT that any pet needs.

If you think of getting a puppy/dog - discuss the Breed - Your Hours of work - How many hours he will be left alone - holidays - who will look after your pup - Vet Bills - Insurance.  But Most of all Can You really Be able to committ to Upto FIFTHTEEN YEARS of having a dog in your life!


Merry Christmas and A Happy 2011

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