Tuesday, 4 January 2011



Happy New Year BUT What about Christmas and though NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES it is said DO NOT GET A PUP FOR XMAS THEY R FOR LIFE! - The Rescues in UK and USA are Full of unwanted puppies!

Some Shelters have actually had senior dogs surrendered (given up/abandoned) and owners coming back for young puppies - OUT with the old dog - IN with the new!

Christmas - kids are excited then the NEW pup chews their presents - and oh yes NO TOILET TRAINING! (Hey did they really THINK the puppy came with an instruction kit - i.e. how to toilet train myself). Excitement doesn't last long like the presents cast aside - discarded and forgotten. Your 'Mistake ' is one more casualty of Christmas - some aren't even taken to a rescue - some are just Left Abandoned (Someone will find him/her - The 'pup' will Be Alright) - He won't DIE! Won't He? Could He? - Yes!

In US alone thousands of dogs are euthanized BEFORE CHRISTMAS and After NEW Year - due to pups being sold and abandoned. In UK Thousands of puppies and senior dogs are put to sleep, mostly Bull Breeds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and in Ireland thousands of all breeds of Dogs are in Dog Pounds - Given seven days before their lives are OVER.

Think Before getting a pup/dog - What Breed suits you - your environment - your working hours - your family - your lifestyle But MOST OF ALL - Think about the puppy/dog!  And DON'T GET A DOG FOR XMAS - Get one in the NEW YEAR - When and If you are sure you can commit for LIFE.

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