Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lungworm Be Aware

Lungworm is a potentially fatal parasite worm that infects many snails and slugs that in turn are eaten by our family pet either by accident or purposely, absorbing the worms into their bodies. The worms absorbed into the body make their way to the heart where they produce eggs which enter the bloodstream and lodge in the lungs. This can cause massive reactions in the lungs and can be fatal if not treated by your vet early.

Symptons can be hard to detect early but if your dog has any of these symptons be on the safe side and take them to your vet. 

a. dogs lose weight.
b. bad coughing sound
c  vomiting and diarrhoea
d unusual behaviour

Prevention is going to your vet and getting a 'spot on' that is reccommended. If you require more information about lungworm go to http://www.lungworm.co.uk/

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