Tuesday, 17 May 2011

South Westminster Dog Socialising Classes

Saturday 14th September 2011 St Georges Square SW1

We had some new members this week!! Frankie the French Bull Dog who was quick to know who was 'Boss' - thats right he thought it was him!! Then we had Dorf  another jack russell who had never been socialized with other dogs off lead and was very nervous.  A latecomer was Fleur who at 14 weeks was ready for action - typical jack russell. Another Bull breed who was much better humoured that his owner (I had him eating out of my hand at the end of the session!!) the dog not the owner!!

Jimmy the terrier didn't want to join in (he wanted to play ball) but when he was able to show off his recall he was ready to 'obey the rules'.

Classes as well as socailising should be fun for both dog and owner. No owner should be made to feel nervous or stupid and I try to make people in my class feel welcome and empowered and communicate with them to inspire them to want to learn and come back for more!!

We practiced 'Walking to Heel' and 'Jumping up' and then Recall, making sure the dogs had their 'Free Time' off lead and socialising in between.

Agility next saturday with the 'Hoop' and the 'Hurdle' and  'How not to Chase Footballs in the Park'.
Should be fun - but also will help in training 'Sit' 'Stay' and 'Recall'.

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