Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dog Advice Stall Vincent Street SW1 3rd September 2011

September 3rd, 2011


I have been asked to have a DOG ADVICE STALL by City West Homes in South Westminster during their ANNUAL GREAT COMMUNITIES DAY on Saturday.

I will be giving advice on all dog related behavioural and environmental issues' also I will be giving a demonstration on 'dog handling'.

Environmental Poop Bags will be given out, as well as access to water bowls for 'thirsty dogs'. Vouchers for FREE neutering/spaying of all Bull Breeds will be available and Advice will be offered on the positives of neutering/spaying your pet and local rescues that do low cost care.
NB: Mayhew Animal Home TrenMar Gardens London NW10 6BJ or check their website www.mayhewanimalhome.org - PROVIDE FREE NEUTERING/SPAYING OF ALL BULLBREEDS in London

I hope you will come along on Saturday, I Promise I am well trained and DO NOT BITE!!


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