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Dog Socialising Classes 6th August 2011 3pm

Saturday 6th August,2011

It was just the right weather for dogs - not too hot and not raining - We had three German Shepherds from a puppy to a eight year old in the class , beautiful dogs. Satchmo the pup was so happy to be chasing tails of his peers till he was firmly 'told off' by Cedar who had tolerated enough 'puppy play'. We walked round in pairs so I could 'observe' lead control - Thomas the German Spitz was trotting along nicely until he saw another dog (this was a problem his owner had - she said he was unpredictable with his behaviour towards other dogs). I demonstrated with Thomas - how to do the 'block' (using your left foot in front of the dog to block) stop and to relax the lead and using no verbal just 'lead control'.

When we reached the secure enclosure in Paddington Recreation Ground - dogs were let off (I was observing them all the time) while they interacted with each other. It is very important to observe your dog and study his body language and learn his behaviour pattern!

Dogs back on leads we then discussed individual issues that needed to be readdressed. For example with Satchmo his recall was excellent But he had very bad 'seperation anxiety' (which is probablly why his recall was so good) He didn't want to leave his owners side. I did suggest that maybe it would be a good idea to have a one to one at home so I could see his behaviour and what reactions his owner did when she left him alone. Benji the Maltese Terrier on the other hand was quite happy to be left alone for a few hours But his recall was 'when he was ready to come back' 'if' and 'what time'!!

Another 'Free time' off lead in the enclosure then 'doggy homework' given - it was going home time already!

Apologies for Absence Daisy and Millie the 'jack russells' Frank the Staffie, Cleo the Mixed Cross and Shadow the Husky.

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