Tuesday, 29 November 2011

CHANNEL FIVE Inside London 8pm

29th November 2011

Tonight I will be appearing on Channel Five at 8pm for the Inside Story Programme about life in the community of Westminster - My Role is to help owners be more responsible, respect and care for their dogs!!! I have not seen any 'preview' of the programme so I hope that we all behaved - accordingly.  It will show clips of my dog socialising classes in Westminster and the Dog Factor Show in Queens Park, which was kindly supported by City West Homes.

Socialising classes supported by Westminster Council offer 'dog owners' and their 'pets' the opportunity of free training and dog advice, and many resident dog owners were happy to take part.

I also hope the programme portrays the 100% commitment needed for being responsible not only for your dog's wellbeing but also for the publics'! In my classes I also discuss environmental issues (ie.picking up after your dog) and the consequences if you DON'T - Dogs being on leads in public areas - again the dangers for your dog as well as intimidation of non dog owners and other dog owners.

Neutering and Spaying - the importance but also we discuss the negatives and the positives.  Microchipping and Insurance for your pet (covering medical bills and lost or missing dogs).  Getting a 'family' pet should be just that a commitment - For Life  - so think whether you have the time , (your working hours) holidays - (who will look after your pet) and the exercise (small dogs need sometimes more exercise than big ones) Winter, Rain or Shine!

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