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29th October, 2011

Film crew, Dogs, Councillors and the DOG FACTOR!!

I was asked by Fahema Akthar from City West Homes if I would arrange and organise a 'Dog Show' in St Judes Hall for the local community and then was hooked on planning and organising this great event!!
On Saturday after weeks of organisation, promotional leaflets and designing dog rosettes for the DOG FACTOR show in Queens Park, London W10 - all the hard work paid off and it was a great success!!

This was my eighth 'dog show' event but the first indoor venue where  seven 'different' dog categories were  mixing together in a confined area!! from Frankie a yorkshire terrier to Ebony a rottwieler standing side by side!!! The categories were Ms Diva - won by Ebony - Mr Slick won by Ollie the retriever - Best Senior won by Khan and Max - Best rescue - Josie the Jack Russell and Frankie - Pup Idol by Alfie the Jack Russell - Best Socialised Dog and Owner - Nico the Akita/Husky.

I luv my staffi rosettes were given out to all the 'staffordshire bull terriers' - cause they were all winners. All well behaved and making their owners proud!!!

Prizes were bought at Grand Union Pets Chippenham Road W9, who kindly gave me a hugh discount - a big thank you to them!! Rosettes were designed by myself and 'Dog Factor' certificates were given to First and Second Winners.

Registration was between 1pm - 1.55pm and the Dog Factor Show commenced at 2pm-4pm .  All the time I was observing and supervising the dogs taking part and ready to anticipate any 'anti social doggy behaviour'. Meanwhile being filmed for Channel 5 by the Production Crew who also were asking me questions about the 'event' and 'dog issues'.  I did forget I was wearing a microphone all the time I was directing 'dogs' and owners' to the stage when the categories were called!!

There was a 'special cup' awarded to Khan the staffie/x and Max the Husky/GSD for their 'work' in the community - promoting  'socialisation with other dogs and people in the community' and promoting 'Its not the Breed - Its the Deed'.

Lastly I was so proud to see Ebony the Rottweiler and her owner chosen by the 'judges' as the DOG FACTOR WINNER.  Ebony is a credit to Naz her owner and shows the true charactistics of this breed - gentle - gracious and a well balanced dog

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