Monday, 22 October 2012

Sunday 21st October, 2012

Another dog class in South Westminster - a warm doggy welcome to Finn the whippet a new member to the class at St Georges Square SW1! Finn is just four months old and full of puppy bounce and 'lets play' - wearing his bright blue doggy coat he was more into playing with other dogs - then 'learning' dog socialising skills'.  Bailey the lab puppy was glad of another 'new' playmate to chase and entice in the joys of a the 'puddles' in the Dog Area! Tank the other 'large' pup was rather aloof and was waiting for the training session to begin!

'Attention - please' - back on leads and lets stop that pulling - walking to heel - using the block as a non verbal command - stop - block - walk to heel - walking in canine 'pairs' - then practice the 'sit and stay'.

Bailey's recall has improved but his walking on lead makes him anxious and his owner has asked if he can have a one on one at a later date.  Bailey gets distressed while walking on the street at traffic - loud noises - and whines consistantly and needs individual training 'outside the dog area'.

Another lady comes in to the park - without her dog - she had only just heard about the 'free dog classes funded by 'South Westminster Wards' and said she definitely was coming to the next one!!

Last class until the spring is 28th October at 2pm at the 'Dog Area' St Georges Square SW1.

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