Friday, 12 October 2012

The Blessing

Saturday the 6th October at St Martins Church Mortimer Road NW10

What a great way to celebrate World Animal Day, The Feast Day of Francis of Assisi. There was Pluta, Holly, BB, Mollie from Rumania, - big dogs - small dogs, cats  (in their carriers) a rabbit and of course my two 'girls' Missy Blue and Chelsea Rose!

 Graham Noyce  the Animal Loving Reverand led the service  and holds this 'event' every year in his church where all animals are given a warm welcome. We sang -  accompanied by our pets - who sounded a lot more in tune than we did!!  We prayed for those that had blessed our lives but were no longer with us.  We prayed for Urgent Homeless Dogs - The Poundies (Dogs on Death Row) Animals that had suffered and those ones we could not save from man's destruction.
Missy Blue and Chelsea Rose being blessed and I asked for animal friends to be blessed in USA, Canada, Turkey and Worldwide.

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