Monday, 11 March 2013


Dog Classes in (Dog Area)  Paddington Recreation Grounds London W2

Socialising dogs and dog owners is so important - different breeds - ie. German Shepherds - Akitas - Huskies - Staffordshire Bull Terriers - mixed breeds - jack russells - pugs - whippets - the list goes on!
Thats what I like about my classes in Westminster  there is always a  a  variety of dogs - and a variety of behavioural  problems and because of the support of wards like Harrow Road Ward and Queens Park Ward I have the opportunity to teach our four legged friends the social enjoyment of being a dog.

When I first meet a new dog I am a stranger to them which gives me an opportunity to study his body language to see how friendly or otherwise his reaction will be with strangers - does he come forward tail wagging - does he hesitate nervously  - wary but not aggressive - or is he giving low growls or warning barks.  Does the dog 'sit' or 'bounce' - like Bella the young lab pup or utter a slow uncertain growl like Ringo the american bull dog - or try to 'mug me ' for the treats in my pocket - like Molly the Romanian GSD mix!  Of course all the dogs are on leads and I let the dog and owner  approach me - as I crouch down on one knee with my body sideways and eyes averted so there is no direct challenge to the dog. And Even though the dogs are on leads - the owners have come to the class to learn 'lead control' so they are not necessarily holding their 'precious pet' correctly.

I like to start the lesson with owners introducing themselves and their dogs and explaining what 'they feel their dog needs to learn or what their behavioural problems are' - then I make  my assessment.

An assessment at the beginning of the first class is very important because some dogs might have a problem that needs a one on one dog training session ie. fear aggression that could trigger the three F's Freedom Flight or Fight - as they would be on lead initially the first two F's would not be possible and that would only leave FIGHT.  This was in the case of Beautiful Lexy a Bull Breed that had been living in abusive circumstances for five years and also used as a breeding machine until the last year of rescue and also she was a big dog that her owner could not manage - so I arranged for Lexys owner to contact me for a one on one.  Junior the GSD was not good with other dogs (but lived with cats!!) but walked really well on the lead and his owner had a muzzle (if needed)

I like the dogs in the class not only to learn not to pull, to sit and of course - recall but also to leave at the final lesson with 'new friends' to behave socially not only with other dogs and dog owners but also non dog owners - so no jumping up - sitting 'politely' when people pass by in a public places - to make owning a dog fun and also a pleasure for both dog and owner.  And to Be responsible  - Get your pet microchipped - tagged - neutered or spayed and Insured and of course a pet is for LIFE

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