Monday, 25 March 2013

Not Knowing the History of a dog - adolescent pup or adult!!

More and more animal lovers  are making that great decision to rescue a dog from a rescue - as in the recent years more and more animals are being abandoned NOT only in UK but all over the world. I myself have two rescues and would never go anywhere else to get an animal but a rescue - a pound or a shelter. Also fostering a dog temporarily while they wait for a forever home is another option especially if your lifestyle or work schedule is not ideal for a dog to Adopt but would help out a shelter and save a life by offering a 'homeless dog' a  temporary 'home'.


Dogs and pups, some pregnant - some pups barely old enough to leave their mothers - seniors - given up   when they need more care or just because they are old.  Their loyalty over the years meaning nothing! Some dogs are given up for financial reasons - relationship break ups or they are just not wanted anymore. Sadly the breed that is the most - abandoned - surrendered breed- is the staffordshire bull terrier and most rescues are full of this gentle 'unloved' and 'misrepresented' breed of dog.

Then there are the puppy mills - where pedigree dogs are bred year after year - never seeing daylight - some sadly die without seeing daylight or knowing a comforting touch.  Others are rescued and brought into the tender care of rescues like the wonderful Many Tears who have dedicated fosterers who help the sad unsocialised and traumatised ' yorkies, collies, - 'the forgotten breeding machines' adjust to a life outside a cage of darkness. 

Lastly not least are the beautiful healthy 'pound dogs' - strays who have no microchip or if they do - the owners don't come for them - and dedicated  animal advocates seek rescues to come forward and try to get them out of the dog pounds -      and  are given 7 days sometimes less to get a 'safe rescue'  for the dogs   otherwise they are  euthanized. 

Many have no history - a lot of them have had no training - May never have  been socialised with other dogs - children - lived in a home environment - like ex breeding dogs - they have spent their whole life in isolation - many not housetrained - many terrified of all elements of normal life. 

So when you walk in your local shelter - or you contact a rescue about a dog or a young pup and they ask you lots of questions and then want to check your home and then ask you go to training classes (some do - some don't) or they say though they have assessed the dog they have no history - please don't be put off getting a rescue dog. Please don't think that they are being 'too judgemental' - because all they want is the best for you BUT MOST of all that the 'pup' 'adult' 'senior' is in the right home and it will be for LIFE .

Bless your life and theirs and ADOPT or FOSTER a 'homeless dog''

Training tips contact Crissie 07949 523 710 

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