Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dog classes in South Westminster UK

Saturday 15th June, 2013

Friday was such a beautiful day when out walking the dogs SO why when it is time for my Dog Training Class on Saturday at precisely 2pm the rain comes tumbling down!!! But then dogs have to go out and enjoy the experience of walking in all weathers!!  Just not the perfect time for dog training!!

First comes Jimmy and Jasper dragging their owner with her umbrella towards me - then Poppy the little westie who is a bit nervous of human contact - with her bright raincoat on.  Then Samuel the Beagle who has incurred two 'nasty dog attacks within a few days of each other but thankfully with the help of his vet is recovering nicely - well physically anyway!!

As the sun comes out between the clouds - Bailey the now very grown up labrador comes bounding up to me and then skids into a 'sit' position - like he just remembered 'something' from puppy classes. Followed by a quick appearance by Tuppence a terrier cross accompanied by his apologetic owner who unfortunately can not stay but will be back next week.  A Beautiful ridgeback comes gracefully to my side - what a socialised treasure - one of my previous 'clients' - his owner asks if he can observe the lesson - of course - welcome all breeds - shapes and sizes and thats NOT just the dogs!

Sadly Dusty the whippet has passed away since the last dog training class and his owners have got a new pure white whippet x from Battersea Dogs Home who needs help with nipping the little terrier who has just come in to play.

Dog Owners get ready to sign up - disaster the registration forms are soaked from the earlier downpour - so will have to register next session - Sunday 23rd June.

It turned out to be a great afternoon but also it was a very special day for Emma (Bailey's family) a young girl who is the bravest girl I know - for on Monday Emma will have a big heart operation and she talks about it with full insight yet so matter of fact and so brave - that as an adult I have to make sure I am half as brave and not cry.  All of the dog owners in the area had made a special photo album of all the dogs and given Emma cards and teddies.

I know that not only myself but all who know Emma will be praying for the success and as I said to Emma - Get Well soon I need you as my 'special assistant' for my next dog classes

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