Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dog training in South Westminster UK

Sunday 23rd June,

Great day for dogs - big and small - from Bertie the french bulldog to Tyson the Staffordshire Bull Terrier - the rain stayed off for an afternoon of walking to heal - introducition of Tyson to small dogs and other staffies - and teaching Betty the pug (or her owner Heidi) that learning 'recall' and being of lead was 'fun'!!

Then darling Rocco the lurcher came in with his new dog collar and much more calmer than he was in the last session!! Good boy Rocco you obviously 'did your homework'!! Romeo the little jack russell was tearing up and down with his new pals until he got a bit hyperactive - so back on the lead for him!! Jasper was trying to find where my 'training dog treats' were hidden - found the 'water bowl' instead.
No matter what the weather always make sure you have water for the dogs during exercise and while walking - More so in hot weather.

We talked about the Dog Control Act , Diet and also toilet training - not that four month old Bertie was listening - until I mentioned ' he was banned from the bedroom' until he was 100% house trained -
Sorry Bertie but your owners are changing the 'house rules'!!

 Bailey, Casper and Tuppence's owners texted me their apologies.

Another great day of training. socialising and fun with dogs in St Georges Square, Pimlico SW1

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