Tuesday, 14 October 2014


September 2014

I always wonder why in September when school begins after the long summer holiday - when I am walking my dogs #MissyBlue #ChelseaRose and #KikiDiamond - a lot of dogs I have seen in the summer months seemed to have disappeared!! I do not mean 'vanished' but are not seen out in the parks, the canal -

Have they suddenly become 'indoor dogs' or are they now taken out ONLY at midnight or dawn - I know kids have started school and life is buzy but hey a dog needs a walk or two or three!! Or have they literally been 'rehomed' or surrendered to a local animal shelter because sadly the amount of dogs and cats that have been given up or abandoned in UK alone has risen.

For years it has been 'bullbreeds' that have been found in rescues - dog pounds or just abandoned in the street - this year though bull breeds are still the most abandoned breed  BUT more and more pedigrees BIG and small - are ending up in rescue.  Are 'would be' dog owners buying these dogs from registered breeders and paying lots of money just to abandon them or are they going to pet shops - and letting the rescues pick up the pieces.  Because out of most of the rehoming centres there are more and more un socialised dogs that can not be homed with other dogs - children under a certain age and some with no children at all!!

Have we really become such a 'Throw away Society' of our once precious pets - or is it so many back street or unregistered breeders that have crept out of the woodwork for a quick money making scheme - Do our laws need improving to oversee and regulate all breeders!!

In USA there are thousands yes thousands of dogs and cats killed every day in kill shelters - the most euthanized dogs are Pit Bull Breeds and the chihuahuas - puppy farms are many and growing - pet stores selling these sweet looking pups whose parents never see light of day or feel the hand of comfort living in cramped cages BUT then isnt UK becoming the same!!  Thousands of dogs ARE killed - healthy loving dogs in council pounds and in some rescues where there is just too many abandoned dogs and NOT enough
homes waiting to take them.

We have Animal Welfare - We have Dogs Trust - Battersea - Blue Cross and numerous rescues But our LAWS for animal abuse, backstreet breeding are laughable and yet Our Dangerous Dog Act and BSL give over zealous and out of date authorities the right to seize dogs that are loyal loving and family pets that are in a loving home AND DESTROY without a second thought.

Myself I think until the Laws are made to protect the dog as well as the public and public funds are spent on Education about Responsible ownership and Neutering and Spaying your pets then the situation will get much more out of control than it already is.

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