Monday, 20 October 2014

20th October 2014

#DogForum @St JudesHall Ilbert Street W10 2pm-4pm

Today the NEW Dog Laws come into effect which will make owning a dog in London especially and all over UK as even over zealous barking - over boisterous spirits can mean your dog getting an asbo or even you you yourself being prosecuted for being an irresponsible owner - Councils - environmental officials and the police will be allowed more 'control' over (in some cases) whether your dog LIVES or Dies.  this covers all breeds of dog.

Yes Laws should be put in place - and yes Irresponsible owners should be held accountable BUT what about the 'victims' - dogs were not born bad - what about the increase in #dog fighting #backstreetbreeding #crueltycases - where is the law to protect them and prosecute the abusers with lengthy sentences - eight weeks imprisonment in extreme cases is usually the maximum sentence!!

Today in #QueensPark I will be sitting alongside local council and housing officers and the local westminister dog warden and crime prevention officer to offer both dog owners and non dog owners advice - about how this law affects the community - how you can hopefully get mediation before a prosecution case is brought against you. I will also be giving out contacts of Dog Law Solicitors Wheldons Law and DDA Watch who take up cases regarding prosecution.  At least our council and community are trying to work together to make sure this law is discussed - advice given and overall work for not only public safety but for the safety and protection of our beloved residential pets

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