Sunday, 14 December 2014

November 2014

A month of loss - A month when new laws have been put into operation regarding our four legged friends - new Dog  Laws that again make many dogs and their owners the victims of over zealous authorities and new laws that already have claimed the lives of two dogs that I know of myself - and have felt the grief of both owners!

One was a twelve year old staffordshire bull terrier lab cross - it took just thirty seven minutes to decide whether he lived or died - he was ordered to be destroyed - Rest Your Sweet Soul Luga.  No loving arms to hold you - no final words of goodbye. 
The other was a mixed breed small dog who bit an intruder and under this law that victimizes many innocents were responsible for the ending of her life.

What about the (words can never describe what I would like to call them) thug that beat a dog he obtained off Gumtree - Tyson a staffordshire bull terrier who he left to die or the woman who abandoned  her boxer cross in her house when she moved - the poor dog died of kidney failure - in agony - tins of dog food just out of reach. - And the dog fighting rings - organised by vicious evil beyond inhuman.  They walk free or a paltry 'few weeks' board.  Well done The Justice System - you really have proved we ARE a nation of ANIMAL LOVERS.

My pledge for 2015 is to keep fighting - being PART of the voice to urge the government to STOP - THINK - YES we need laws BUT TO PROTECT all animals against abuse - and Educate not only dog owners - the public - BUT also the media and the very officials themselves who carry out these very inhumane and outrageous laws and let abusers and animal killers walk free.

Join me anyone!!

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