Wednesday, 31 December 2014

31st December 2014

The end of one more year - a year of working with all breeds of dogs - a year of being the voice of animals who have no choice but to feel the pain of captivity - abuse or victims of the ONGOING law that destroys families - seperates canine pals and in a lot of cases KILLS healthy vibrant family dogs who are seized not because of dangerous dog issues BUT being born TYPE - THIS law - BSL. RIP all those we could not save - newly born pups - seniors - who died alone not knowing WHY!

The end of one more year where our precious pets - rescue dogs who we have rehomed - and watched grow - who have held a special place in our heart.  The loss of our feline and canine family members who at their passing have taken another piece of our hearts as we say our 'Final Goodbyes' and gently lay them down to their final sleep.

My Darling Maisy - who I rehomed in 2002 to a wonderful couple - who even when my own 'dog behavioural business' started to build up I still never gave up walking her - Maisy who ran after everything that moved - 'joggers' 'small fluffy dogs' 'horses' - bikes - Maisy who was the first dog to be banned from the residential gardens of Kensington W11.  Maisy who gave the best kisses - who laid in my arms and when you really met her and she liked you - you fell in love with such a deep and beautiful love that took a part of your heart that broke in two when she was first diagnosed with cancer and when she died at the end of this year I felt a loss so great that tears filled up and overflowed with pain.  Maisy my beautiful girl as your dear owners said You were a huge part of our lives - we all rescued you - we all cherished you and what a bl.....dy good life you had and how blessed we were to have known your love.
RIP Darling Girl You will never be forgotten.

To Marsha Jones who lost her Ruby Girl so soon before Christmas and whose presence is so missed by all that knew her especially her human family and her canine pals Benny and Doris.  Ruby - daughter of Tilly - Ruby a shining light - Ruby a sweet staffie girl who gave so much love and asked for nothing in return.  Thoughts and Sweet Memories will be treasured evermore.  Run Free Sweet Ruby forever shining bright.

The end of the year of dog workshops - educational projects - old ones gone but new ones  in sight - White City Estate my next 'dog training educational classes' project - where already a lot of dog owners are looking forward to participating in training sessions - both educational and enlightening. A big TASK maybe - am I looking forward to it - you bet!!

It leaves me one last message - continue PETITIONING against what isnt right
continue - PROTESTING against the Fur Trade - Factory Farming - Animal Slaughter - Puppy Farms and Dog Laws that make the dogs the victims and the let Abusers walk away - And remember WHEREVER a dog or any animal needs SAVING - wherever they are in the world - surely they ALL deserve a chance and our SUPPORT.

Happy New Year

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