Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tuesday 11th February 2014

Met up with Ghost the White German Shepherd and his owner for a one to one referral  - Poor Ghost is only six months old and yet has had two homes already - thankfully his third owner will never give up on him. Ghost has never been socialised with people or other dogs but he has not a bad bone in his body.  One of his problems is he pulls on the lead and another is he jumps up suddenly whenever he sees another dog - he wants to 'meet and greet' but with no social graces to another dog and a member of the public it can be quite intimidating.  When he actually sat and I held out my hand to him - he licked it.  A Beautiful dog and I am sure that with 3 more sessions Ghost will be a pure pleasure to walk and to interact with other dogs. Next session 18th February.

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