Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dog Classes @ Paddington Recreation Grounds W9
                                                                                            Dog in Training

 What a great day - well okay a bit wet and a bit windy but a great session with the dogs that braved the aftermath of the storms and though this is the second to last session - two new dogs and their owners joined us - Prada a bullmastiff mix and Holly a cockerpoo!!

Bailey  the staffie was there much improved - well done to his owner Chris (who I am also mentoring in 'working with dogs') - - Oscar well - Oscar was still very verbal especially to the new 'guys' but his owner is sure he is improving!! Good to see Sheba the German Shepherd this week - was 'pulling on  the lead' still but her recall and social skills had vastly improved. The weather was too much for Molly the Romanian and B the staffies owner was not feeling too well (hope you feel better soon).

Prada and Holly 'introduced' themselves' to the others - and in the 'playtime intermission'  - interacted well with the other dogs - Oscar the terrier 'barking' for the biggest dogs to 'chase him' - a lady came into the enclosure ' without checking if the dogs were okay for her young nine month old hound'

NB It is always important to 'check' if (especially a pack of dogs are in an enclosure or even just another dog) that they have no 'behavioural issues' if the dog and owner are unknown to you.
Because often the reason why the dog is in an enclosure (Not always - But) because a) it does not get on with others dogs b) it could be too over excited and jump on small dogs c) it does not like other un neutered males or d) the bitch is in season.  It is always best to check first before YOU open that GATE

Back to my class - I really enjoyed today and felt pleased with the positive response especially from the newcomers and being a smaller class today I could give more individual training to each member.

Gave out 'doggy homework' to Prada and Holly - yep and their owners as well - next week being the final class until the spring.

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