Sunday, 9 February 2014

8thFebruary, 2014

What a turn out today - considering the wind and the rain - In fact everyone was on time - all the dogs raring to go.

The Dog Enclosure @PaddingtonRecreationGround was wet and muddy but good enough for the class to begin. Bailey the staffordshire bull terrier was bouncy as ever and he was quick to 'sniff out' that I had dog treats in my pocket - following me around like 'a lovesick pooch' - typical male!!

There was Ime the Beagle with her Polish Mum and Dutch Dad  - recall is not really a Beagles priority in life - Food is Ime's first love - and Hugo the pomeranian who definitely was Top dog with his female owners.  'Mouthy' Rudi the English Bull Terrier pup at four months old thought 'mouthing' at peoples ankles was great fun - Sorry Rudi 'Thats why you are here at 'Dog Skool'!! Old Faithfuls Molly the Romanian GSD x and B the Staffie welcomed the new 'doggy members' with a few 'friendly but warning barks' - Oscar the terrier cross was back to his Bark ' Look at me' self. Then Lovely 'Ghost' the white German Shepherd - at six months with two homes already behind him was bouncy jumping up - just wanting to meet and greet - but did not know how to react around other dogs and people.  Not an aggressive bone in his body but I could see his owner was getting stressed and as there is a 'Free one to one referral' place funded by the Ward Budget I have arranged to meet them both next week.

We were meant to practice the recall today but as we had newcomers we did the 'walk to heel' 'how to block 'pulling on lead' and at the end we had recall - which was fun!!  In between we also had a 'free play time' - this is where dogs are off lead (inside the enclosed space) and can let off some energy and then back to 'training mode'

five dogs did 'text' - weather permitting they would return next week and 'Ella's owners are meeting for a one to one. Bassie's owner is away and will be back on the last session.

I was still pleased with the turn out and met a lovely lady called Becky who helps run a rescue who thought the classes were a great idea!

Well thankfully the weather held out until after the class had finished - so same time same place next week

2pm-3.30pm @ Dog Enclosure (entrance off Morshead Road W9) Next class 15th February

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