Sunday 12 December 2010

Dogs/Puppies Are for Life Not Just for Xmas

 12th December 2010

Its nearly Christmas and there are going to be many children asking for that 'puppy' for Christmas - But Stop Think - A puppy grows into a Dog and once Christmas is over - Was it reallly a GOOD IDEA!  The puppy needs tolite training - its chewing all the presents - it needs walking - the kids are back at school and you are going back to working an eight hour day!

So what can you do - go to the local rescue - which is FULL of abandoned - surrendered - mistreated - puppies BECAUSE people (could be like you) didn't THINK before getting the puppy of the LONG TERM COMMITTMENT that any pet needs.

If you think of getting a puppy/dog - discuss the Breed - Your Hours of work - How many hours he will be left alone - holidays - who will look after your pup - Vet Bills - Insurance.  But Most of all Can You really Be able to committ to Upto FIFTHTEEN YEARS of having a dog in your life!


Merry Christmas and A Happy 2011

Thursday 2 December 2010

Dog Fashion Charity Show

Finny in his mauve designer coat!
French Bull-Dog in all her glory!
Hilarious antics at the Charity Fashion Show held on the 27th November in aid of street dogs of Thailand.

We had a wonderful afternoon at St Martins Church Hall Mortimer Road London at the Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Charity Event in London Uk.  The Top Models who showed off the fashion collection at
enjoyed the show as you can see from photos above.

Over £300 was raised and a big thank you to all the people involved. 

Dog Fighting HAS TO STOP!

2nd December 2010

My pilot 'Dog Socialising Classes' have begun in South Westminster, an area I know but am unknown to the residents! I spent a few weeks before the classes commencing walking round and visiting the local Dog Area in St. Georges Square and Churchill Gardens Estate.  Introducing myself to local residents and of course any four legged resident that I met, I found the idea of Socialising Classes regarding Training/Responsible Ownership was greeted with very positive reactions!

I found  a number of owners that had bull breeds - Benson a handsome Black Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a young mum - who said he was such a gentlemen EXCEPT HE PULLED on the lead and needed some help.  Another extremely friendly boy was Trigger also a Puller and Jumped Up at everyone he saw. Both Young mums thought Classes were a great idea.

Henessey the Beagle's owner had not heard about the classes and was in the dog run when it began - She was delighted as Henessey showed his 'behaviour techniques' by barking at everyone and running everywhere but back to his owner! Oscar the puppy who was obviously IN CHARGE - lovely nature but he did what Oscar wanted to do!  Charley the Pug was there for a Beginners Course - and was a bit overwhelmed at first. The lesson went well and as it progressed more dog owners became involved. We discussed diet, visits to the vets, disruptive owners and aggressive pets, barking and walking to heel on the lead.

During my lesson on Tuesday 30th, I met  Luna a ten month german shepherd who had been attacked 3 times by dogs owned by irresponsible owners - and learned more about the 'dog attacks' and 'dog fighting' that was taking place in the area. I was given an area where 'dog fighting' was constantly taking place and am making an official report to the local authorities including the local police. (Just waiting for luna's owner to email me the full details).

Part of my Project for South Westminster is to work with the community and local authorities to STOP DOG FIGHTING. - this ILLEAGAL INHUMANE - 'Its not the BREED Its the DEED' . Dogs are not only bred to fight - others are used as BAIT DOGS - Either way all the animals suffer horrendous injuries , a lot die from their injuries or are killed when they are no longer 'useful'!

Tuesday 16 November 2010

South Westminster Dog Socialising Classes Begin

20th November 2010 St. Georges Drive SW1 (Dog Park) 1.30pm-3pm

Dog Socialising Classes will commence - The Classes are Funded by Local Councillors for the South Westminster Ward including The Churchill Gardens Estate.

All Dog Breeds welcome - there are upto sixteen places in the class , all the family is invited to take part (Anyone under 18 years of age has to be accompanied by an Adult)
All Dogs on Leads (No Extension Leads Please)

The First session will include walking to heel on the lead, to address pulling, jumping up and barking at other dogs! Also WHY You should pick up after your dog - Health and Environmental Issues.

There are four (pilot) sessions; - Saturday 20th November, Tuesday 23rd November, Tuesday 30th November and 4th December 2010.

Friday 8 October 2010

DOG SOCIALISING CLASSES (supported By Westminster Council)

DOG SOCIALISING CLASSES at Queens Park Gardens commence 9th October  These dog training classes are Free to all dog owners in Queens Park Ward and Harrow Road Ward (W10 and W9).

Puppies and Dogs will be taught about all aspects of Dog Training and also about environmental issues (ie. Picking Up After Your Dog - and How Not picking up can be a SERIOUS HEALTH RISK)

\Information about The Dog Control Laws will also be discussed and any 'Anti Social Behaviour' problem your dog may have!!!!!

Puppy Classes commence at         14.30-15.00pm
Adult Dogs Classes commence at 15.00-16.00pm

Please Come along  and Register - Its Good for you and your dog to Socialise with other owners and dogs

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Dinny NOW FOUND 80 Miles away in Ireland

DDinny went missing fromCaher-Civeen on Sunday Dinny is a 5 year old nuetered male - very playful and friendly.  Dinny is microchipped to M. T. Lynn in United Kingdom. An Advertisement regarding his dissappearance has been put on Kerry Radio. A Reward has been offered for his return!.If  spotted or found please contact local rescue or vet or Kerry Radio in Ireland.
Latest News Dinny Was found Safe - Slightly Injured on Saturday 2nd October 2010.  Great News.
Dinny was found 80 miles away from his residence in Ireland.  His Owners were overjoyed and had praise for the people that found him and took him to the rescue where he was treated for a small injury.  Dinny had quite a FAN FOLLOWING on twitter and we hope he will start his own DINNY TWITTER page when he comes back to UK!

Thursday 23 September 2010

Angel rescued from Egypt

Angel has been rescued from the streets of Egypt.
She had a very bad time living on the streets and was only rescued after being found badly injured.  She had been run over by a truck and left to die.

Everything is now in place for her journey to the UK for Adoption.

If you are interested in adopting Angel you can contact Crissie


Mobile: 07949 523 710

Thursday 16 September 2010

Mable from Thailand

Mable the Thai Dog in London!

I met an amazing lady called Niz Khan at the Bike Ride on Saturday the 4th September. Niz had volunteered at a rescue in Thailand a sanctuary for stray dogs. She fell in love with Mable and brought her back to the UK!

Gemma who has been running the sanctuary for five years dedicates her time to helping the stray dogs of Thailand! Any Donations go towards medical care, upkeep and rehoming in the UK.

As A Dog Lover and Dog Trainer I can only say that Gemma and Niz are so inspirational.

I have offered any help with training or rehabilitation for when the Dogs come to the UK.

Thursday 9 September 2010

International Bike Ride in suppor of Canine's

Amazing Day Saturday 4th September - Went to meet some real dog lovers at Hyde Park.  It was to support the  Canine Life Support International Bike Ride.

With Passion and Enthusiasm the Bikers cycled from Europe to the UK. We were there to greet them and spur them on with champagne and balloons. 

Georgie Hymas a Dedicated Campaigner organised  the day - and I was lucky as a Dog Lover to be invited.

Met a rescued dog from Thailand - rescued only a few days before.  That is another story and will be in my next Blog!

Tuesday 24 August 2010


Hi - Its Carnival Time and Everyone should respect each other and enjoy this festival of the Year!

That means IT SHOULD BE A SAFE AND ENJOYABLE TIME FOR YOUR DOG - By Leaving them at home and not taking them to Carnival.  Last year the amount of Dogs ESPECIALLY Bull Breeds and Staffordshire Bull Terriers that were accompanied by Irresponsible Owners was unbelieveable!!

Why I say 'Irresponsible Owners' is because Anyone who brings their dog into an atmosphere of Loud Music, Crowds and Potential Danger IS Irresponsible. 

 POLICE are also aware of the Danger of bringing canines into the Carnival and are legally able to seize your dog particularily BULL BREEDS if they believe your Dog is a threat to the public - or that the public and the environment is a threat to your Dog.  Your Dog could then be taken to a private kennells and assessed.  If the assessment is that your Dog comes under the Dangerous Dogs Act - it can be pts.

Sounds Unbelievable but IT COULD HAPPEN - SO PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE - Enjoy the Carnival and leave Your Dog in the Safety of your Own Home.

Thursday 29 July 2010

Dog Show 2010

Hi All Dog Lovers!

Just letting you all know how my 'Dog Show' went - The Sun was shining - Everybody was well behaved - and the owners were too!

Silas the Bassett Hound won Best Socialised Dog Best Vetran was Bull Breed Khan and Judy the Whippet were joint winners - Ms Diva was Snoopy a terrier and 2nd Emma a Jack Russell Mr. Slick (handsomest male) was won by Reg a Bull mastiff and 2nd was an old English Collie called Rufty Tuff.

Best Rescue was Tyson (a yorkshire terrier) and 2nd was a staffi/x called BB.  I LUV MY STAFFI was won by A silver Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Terror - What a Beauty and 2nd was Rocky another sweetheart! Last but not least PUP IDOL was won by Frankie a EnglishBull Terrier pup and 2nd was LULU a stunning Jack Russell and SHADOW an adorable husky - all delighful pups!!

Great Day - and the Best thing was how all breeds Big and Small socialised together in Harmony.  Dogs can teach us so much about how to live together in an ideal world.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Dog Show Saturday 24th July

Don't forget 'Scruffs Dog Show' is on this Saturday at Queens Park Gardens, Ilbert Street W10. Registration at 1.30 pm and the Dog Show will commence at 2pm. New category this year is 'I love my Staffie'! Rosettes and prizes for the winners! come along and enjoy!

Last Years Winner of Best Staffie
Any queries contact Crissie on 0794 9523 710

Crissie and Blossom at a Day Care for the Elderly

Here I am with a dog called Blossom from a local rescue home in West London. We have just visited a day care centre for the elderly where Blossom was making everyone smile. 

Blossom is a 'pet therapy' dog. Pet therapy is good for the elderly as it is a way to relieve stress and conditions that cause the elderly discomfort.

If you are a local care home or day centre in Westminster and would like arrange a similar visit please get in touch.......

Crissie Chambers
Tel: 0794 9523 710

Thursday 24 June 2010


Hi Folks sorry have just joined TWITTER and left my Blog for a while!! But I am back and ready to keep you posted about all Dog Happenings!! 

Firstly, I hope you all entered for the Dog Competition in the Westminster Reporter and the results should be out very soon.  So Good Luck to all who entered to correct their 'Dog's Antisocial Behaviour.

My puppy classes started on 12th June @ and are going really well . There are up to eight dogs in the class from Max and Bella two yorkshire terriers to Herbie the beagle.

First Lesson was all about Diet and how the wrong diet can affect your puppy's behaviour - too many colarants and additives can make your pup very hyperactive (exactly as it does to a child)
Also Toilet Training in a contained Area - Limiting Boundaries till your pup is toilet trained!

Second Lesson was all about walking on the lead, walking to heel!

In each session there is always plenty o fun time and socialisation - which is so important in 'puppy classes'

Saturday 29 May 2010


Hi all you 'badly behaving dogs' and your exasperated owners!!! There is a free competition  open to all dog owners living in westminster ( ) First prize is a two hour one to one training with your dog (worth £60) Second and Third Prize of one hour one to one training!!

To enter - in no more than 30 words WHY YOUR DOG NEEDS TRAINING and send an email or postcard to  or post to Dog Competition, The Reporter, Communications Unit, 17th Floor, Westminster City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, SW1E 6QP. 

Deadline is Monday 21st June.

So come on all you dog owners cause its all about Loving your dog

Monday 10 May 2010



Have you ever wanted to give back to an animal charity well SATURDAY 15th May 2010 you can and get some free training advice at the same time!

If you live in North Paddington Area of London you are invited to come to:

116 Chamberlayne Road London NW10 3JP nr Kensal Rise Station Buses 187, 6, 52 and 302

To our Annual Blue Cross Animal Welfare Charity Tea Party for Dogs and their owners
between 1pm and 4pm (Tea and biscuits in our secluded garden) and Dog Training Advice given Free.

All Donations to Blue Cross

So Come along - it will be a Doggy Fun Day and its a chance to give back to less fortunate animals!!

See you There

Friday 30 April 2010


Hi Dog Crew!

Just to let all Dog Owners and any Members of the Local Community in W10, W9 and W2 are all
welcome to come to my Dog Advice Stall at NORTH PADDINGTON TIMEBANK LAUNCH on Saturday the 8th of May 2010 Between 2pm - 6pm.  More information email HRNP@GHG.ORG.UK

My Stall will be open from 2pm-4pm, - I will be giving advice on Dog Behaviour ie. Seperation Anxiety, Constant Barking, and other Behaviour Issues.  Its all FREE!  Other Stalls will be offering free food, free entertainment and other activities.  Timebank is about giving back to your community exchanging talents, jobs and other activities for just a few hours of your time a week.

Come along and enjoy!!!

Monday 26 April 2010


Hi !!

I went to an amazing 'Masterclass' on Friday 23rd April in Windsor; it was to increase my learning of dogs behaviour and how to study more behaviour patterns!  It was with Sarah Whitehead of Alpha Education P.O. Box 372 Windsor Berkshire SL4 4WH.  If you want a recommended course regarding our canine friends then contact Sarah.

Sarah is a brilliant teacher and her classes are intensive cover all aspects of a dogs' behaviour and how we can study their patterns and LEARN!

On Friday I met other people all having one thing in common - to learn to be better trainers, handlers and some just responsible dog owners!  We had a open friendly discussion about our veiws - myself being as vocal as usual!! 

Great Day out and I actually learnt something too! The Best of the Day was Jackson Sarah's canine host
who kept us all in our places!!

Thursday 15 April 2010

Puppy Classes

Hi to all you puppy owners! Just to let you all know that my puppy classes start now! They will be held in the pleasant garden surroundings of our local pet store 'Just Barking' in Kensal Rise NW10. If your little pooch is becoming a bit of a handful and needs a little instruction on being socialised and house- trained in more ways than one you are more than welcome.
Early learning is so important at this stage of a puppies life to ensure that when your little pooch grows up into adulthood you end up with a healthy, happy well trained dog.

For more information or to book a place for you and your puppy.....

Telephone Crissie on 07949 523 710
Just Barking 020 8964 3231

Thursday 1 April 2010

Hi I'm Crissie welcome to my blog

Hi all dog lovers.

Dogs are my passion and my work; My aim is to teach dog owners about being responsible and having a well trained and sociable dog.  Two years ago I was supported by the local Westminster Council to help with my local community with dog training technique using reward not punishment.
I have worked for over 11 years with rescue dogs in a West London Rescue centre, with dogs of all breeds and sizes and different types of behavioural problems. A breed close to my heart are Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull Breeds; Misrepresented by bad Media coverage and a minority of irresponsible owners! These breeds with the right training and responsible owners are intelligent sociable and a good family pet. I advise dog owners in my community how to use non-verbal training. Only rewarding good behaviour.

I also have organised Dog Shows in Queens Park , South Westminster and Kensington over the last four years with catorgories ie. Best Behaved Staffi/ Best Socialised Dog and Owner!  These are Fun and bring together a community of Dogs (big and small) and their owners!