Thursday 12 June 2014


June 2014

Queens Park Community Dog Show coming soon
August 2nd 12pm-1pm @QueensParkGardens

 Already into the summer month of June 2014 and already started my summer 'DogAdviceSurgery' in Queens Park Gardens - Dog Area on Mondays twice a month!  Exciting  - and Monday I met Lena a very friendly Staffordshire Bull Terrier - who loved people but due to a 'bad experience with another dog' she was a bit fearful when meeting new canine pals.  Her recall was in need of attention but after a few training tips - and mmmmmmmmmm - a few tasty treats - she learned to 'rock and roll with recall'. My next one on one is two 'Bullies' - Father and son - need to get their social skills in order before they get given a local ASBO!! Meeting them again on Friday. Looking forward to the next one on the 22nd June @ 1pm - same time same place. Freckles the jack russell has already put his name down.

We have the Community Festival on 2nd August which means another big decision on who gets the 'Most Responsible Dog Owner for 2014' - Last year was a joint win for Olly the Golden Retriever and Gracie the Rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I think this year will be a joint win as well - AND  yes a very hard decision to make!  We will be having a small dog show as well which is Free - Fun and with rosettes and prizes and of course the presentation of the cup. This event is also full of musical acts on a large stage - dancing - fun for the kids - stalls with lots of food of different countries - and a bouncy castle and activities for all ages

Since 2008 a cup is given out to a dog or dogs and their owner (s) for the most improvement - and advancement of both owners care and responsibility and dog's training and social skills.  Each year their name or names are engraved on the cup and handed over by the previous years winner to the present.  It is a great way of encouraging young and old to be more responsible and encourages all ages to attend training classes and learn about not only their dog but other breeds as well

Also I have got private funding from a small charity to have more Free Dog Training Classes for the community of Queens Park. Especially to work with Bull Breed owners if they need one on one sessions before coming to a 'Alldogbreeds WELCOME' class.

Saturday 14th June I have my Dog Surgery @GrandUnionPets #174ShirlandRoad at 2pm Bring your dog and come have a friendly chat and cup of coffee with me and get some Advice on your dogs behaviour or yours!!