Wednesday 5 October 2011

FILMING at Dog Socialising Class

24th September 2011

A film crew were at our class on Saturday and with the permission of most of the dog owners - the dogs were enjoying 'instant doggy stardom'! A television channel is producing a documentary on 'Westminster' and what community events they support; Classes for owners and their dogs to make them more socialised and environmentally responsible was one of them.  So here we are - 'Movie Stars'!

To me it was a special day NOT because of Film crews But because I met Milo the little yorkie whose lovely owner was in a wheelchair.  Milo had never had the chance to be socialised off lead with other dogs, but at the end of the session to hear his owner say how much more confident she felt was rewarding to hear.  (Photos will be posted soon).

I must admit being filmed and having a microphone attached, was a bit distracting and dogs being dogs were enjoying the 'attention' in more ways than one.  Milo full of his new found freedom 'stole' an onlookers ball and decided to run round with it in his mouth.  Did I learn something from that - yes - Milo was not learning 'leave it' that easily and wasn't letting go!! Meanwhile 'welcome back Jimmy' the terrier' was Barking for Britain and some of the others started to join in the 'doggy chorus' and Archie had found a new 'doggy pal' to chase!!

Did we learn anything - Recall was hilarious!! But 'walking to heel' homework was really good! We also discussed 'Barking at the Bell' an 'indoors problem' but I gave some advice and showed how it could be corrected (without the bell)!!

Next class is 8th October as I will  be attending the 'Animal Blessing' at St Martins Church NW10 on the 1st October.

Looking forward to it - Back to an ordinary lesson.

NB Just like to Thank George and his assistant for being so patient with us all - total doggy mayhem!!

Dog Socialising Classes South Westminster September 2011

17th September 2011 Classes commenced at St. Georges Square, supported by Churchill Ward. It was mainly 'dog registration day' and meeting new 'arrivals' Mattie the cockopoodle (yes that really is a breed of dog!!) - Poppy the westie - Boots the cairn terrier rescued from a 'dog pound' in Ireland.  There are lots of stray dogs in Ireland who sadly end up in the dog pound where their 'owners' are given 7 days to 'claim' them.  Once the 7 days is up, and if the dogs are not rescued they are put to sleep.  Lucky for 'Boots the cairn terrier' he was adopted and rescued. Then we had 'Tiny' the pomeranian with 'small dog syndrome'. It was also good to see the 'regulars' Archie the whippet who remembered his 'little friends' Petal and Snowy BUT didn't chase them - Good Boy Archie you learnt 'something' from the previous classes!!

Next class 24th September same time same place

We walked in pairs walking to heel on the lead and using the block - this is not only a learning process but also helps the dogs and owners to socialise with each other.