Saturday 28 December 2013

28th December 2013

What a year!! Full of joy, sadness - new pups - old seniors - rescues and lots of abandoned Staffordshire Bull Terriers who sadly end up in rescue homes or even worse dog pounds.

When a stray animal is picked up by the local dog warden, they are taken to a pound where they have seven days to be reunited with their owners or rehomed.  IF no one comes forward - either to claim them or rescues to take them they are put to sleep!  These are mostly beautiful healthy dogs that could be young puppies or young adults - or seniors - abandoned after years of loyalty - their fate unknown. Some of these animals could be much loved pets that have escaped, strayed or been stolen but the one thing that could reunite them with their owners is MISSING - and that is a microchip.  How many 'loving' dog owners - and 'cat' owners NEVER think to microchip their pets and this 'inexspensive' and essential 'act' could mean the difference between reuniting your pet and 'losing' them forever.
In 2016 all pets will HAVE to be microchipped by law - but if I were YOU I would microchip your pet now - take photos of your pet and IF they do get lost, stolen or stray contact all local authorities and leaflet the area to help with sightings of your 'lost pet'.

Classes funded by Harrow Road and Queens Park Ward Budgets started late this year but we had a mixture of different breeds when they commenced on 30th November - Maggie the chihuahua - Hamish and Gracie the collie crosses, Ghost the white German Shepherd - Bassie and Turk the staffie crosses - and late comers BB the staffie cross - Sandy the westie, and also one to ones with the two Romanian rescues. With the weather being its usual unpredictable  - 'rainy' and more 'rain - after two more sessions - I decided the next classes would start again after the new year.

Also classes will be starting in January 18th in the Ward of South Westminster from 2pm-3pm at St Georges Square SW1 contact me on 079 4952 3710

This year has been a time when we have had  to say Goodbye to our loyal companions - Dear Cedar a ten year old German Shepherd - Sid a five year old EBT cross who was pts after a year of being a victim of BSL - Ben the doberman who died of a heart attack - Honee the ridgeback who died of cancer at the beginning of 2013 - Billy the 20 year old cat who passed in his sleep and finally dearest Kelpie who passed away two weeks before Christmas. Tears have been shed and memories will never leave us but hopefully in time our hearts will open wide with love and compassion for one of the many homeless abandoned animals that are desperate for a loving home - WHEREVER you are in the world.

I hope that 2014 will be a better year for both animal and human - that the Laws will PROTECT our animals AND not (like BSL) destroy them.  That we will continue our fight to keep the Ban on Fox Hunting - to stop the puppy mills - the factory farming - and IF our Government continue to do BUSINESS with china THEY will Campaign to stop the illegal trading of both the meat trade and the 'poaching of the wildlife'  Enjoy your NEW year and keep yourselves and your pets safe -