Monday 25 March 2013

Not Knowing the History of a dog - adolescent pup or adult!!

More and more animal lovers  are making that great decision to rescue a dog from a rescue - as in the recent years more and more animals are being abandoned NOT only in UK but all over the world. I myself have two rescues and would never go anywhere else to get an animal but a rescue - a pound or a shelter. Also fostering a dog temporarily while they wait for a forever home is another option especially if your lifestyle or work schedule is not ideal for a dog to Adopt but would help out a shelter and save a life by offering a 'homeless dog' a  temporary 'home'.


Dogs and pups, some pregnant - some pups barely old enough to leave their mothers - seniors - given up   when they need more care or just because they are old.  Their loyalty over the years meaning nothing! Some dogs are given up for financial reasons - relationship break ups or they are just not wanted anymore. Sadly the breed that is the most - abandoned - surrendered breed- is the staffordshire bull terrier and most rescues are full of this gentle 'unloved' and 'misrepresented' breed of dog.

Then there are the puppy mills - where pedigree dogs are bred year after year - never seeing daylight - some sadly die without seeing daylight or knowing a comforting touch.  Others are rescued and brought into the tender care of rescues like the wonderful Many Tears who have dedicated fosterers who help the sad unsocialised and traumatised ' yorkies, collies, - 'the forgotten breeding machines' adjust to a life outside a cage of darkness. 

Lastly not least are the beautiful healthy 'pound dogs' - strays who have no microchip or if they do - the owners don't come for them - and dedicated  animal advocates seek rescues to come forward and try to get them out of the dog pounds -      and  are given 7 days sometimes less to get a 'safe rescue'  for the dogs   otherwise they are  euthanized. 

Many have no history - a lot of them have had no training - May never have  been socialised with other dogs - children - lived in a home environment - like ex breeding dogs - they have spent their whole life in isolation - many not housetrained - many terrified of all elements of normal life. 

So when you walk in your local shelter - or you contact a rescue about a dog or a young pup and they ask you lots of questions and then want to check your home and then ask you go to training classes (some do - some don't) or they say though they have assessed the dog they have no history - please don't be put off getting a rescue dog. Please don't think that they are being 'too judgemental' - because all they want is the best for you BUT MOST of all that the 'pup' 'adult' 'senior' is in the right home and it will be for LIFE .

Bless your life and theirs and ADOPT or FOSTER a 'homeless dog''

Training tips contact Crissie 07949 523 710 

Monday 11 March 2013


Dog Classes in (Dog Area)  Paddington Recreation Grounds London W2

Socialising dogs and dog owners is so important - different breeds - ie. German Shepherds - Akitas - Huskies - Staffordshire Bull Terriers - mixed breeds - jack russells - pugs - whippets - the list goes on!
Thats what I like about my classes in Westminster  there is always a  a  variety of dogs - and a variety of behavioural  problems and because of the support of wards like Harrow Road Ward and Queens Park Ward I have the opportunity to teach our four legged friends the social enjoyment of being a dog.

When I first meet a new dog I am a stranger to them which gives me an opportunity to study his body language to see how friendly or otherwise his reaction will be with strangers - does he come forward tail wagging - does he hesitate nervously  - wary but not aggressive - or is he giving low growls or warning barks.  Does the dog 'sit' or 'bounce' - like Bella the young lab pup or utter a slow uncertain growl like Ringo the american bull dog - or try to 'mug me ' for the treats in my pocket - like Molly the Romanian GSD mix!  Of course all the dogs are on leads and I let the dog and owner  approach me - as I crouch down on one knee with my body sideways and eyes averted so there is no direct challenge to the dog. And Even though the dogs are on leads - the owners have come to the class to learn 'lead control' so they are not necessarily holding their 'precious pet' correctly.

I like to start the lesson with owners introducing themselves and their dogs and explaining what 'they feel their dog needs to learn or what their behavioural problems are' - then I make  my assessment.

An assessment at the beginning of the first class is very important because some dogs might have a problem that needs a one on one dog training session ie. fear aggression that could trigger the three F's Freedom Flight or Fight - as they would be on lead initially the first two F's would not be possible and that would only leave FIGHT.  This was in the case of Beautiful Lexy a Bull Breed that had been living in abusive circumstances for five years and also used as a breeding machine until the last year of rescue and also she was a big dog that her owner could not manage - so I arranged for Lexys owner to contact me for a one on one.  Junior the GSD was not good with other dogs (but lived with cats!!) but walked really well on the lead and his owner had a muzzle (if needed)

I like the dogs in the class not only to learn not to pull, to sit and of course - recall but also to leave at the final lesson with 'new friends' to behave socially not only with other dogs and dog owners but also non dog owners - so no jumping up - sitting 'politely' when people pass by in a public places - to make owning a dog fun and also a pleasure for both dog and owner.  And to Be responsible  - Get your pet microchipped - tagged - neutered or spayed and Insured and of course a pet is for LIFE