Sunday 31 July 2011

Home Checks on Dogs

Home checks are not to judge but to help would be dog guardians understand the full commitment of taking on a 'rescue' dog or dogs. To make sure the home environment is secure and safe for both the dog (s) and the guardians -also to advise on how to react to any behavioural issues the dog (s) may have.

Most of the home checks I do are on dogs that have little or no 'history' and though most of them have had an assessment by a rescue - once the 'honeymoon period' is over other issues might emerge.

Usually all rescues are 'neutered' or 'spayed' and microchipped but if not it is part of the adoption process and is usually insisted upon.  Too many 'unwanted' litters end up in shelters worldwide! Also pet insurance is important especially in main towns as you are responsible not only for your dogs safety BUT the public safety; for example 'road accidents' 'dog attacks' 'public liability'.

As a home checker I like to do a follow up three months after the pre visit to see how the dogs are but also to check with the owners how everything is working out! I also give out a contact number so that if there are any problems or just a general query I am available to advise.

I have over eleven years of experience doing home checks and you are  not there as 'judge and jury' - you are there to advise, find out how committed people are but also Listen to people and observe and thats what helps you make 'hopefully' and to the best of your ability - The right decision.  For me its  what is best for the dog and that the owner has that committment that could be for the next fifthteen years of the dogs life.

NB  I always STRESS that NO Dog should be left with a child on its own without supervision of an able bodied adult.

Thursday 21 July 2011


Dog Advice Stalls in W10 W9

Both events went really well - gave out advice for 'barking dogs' 'aggression towards other dogs offlead' 'jumping up at strangers' and 'separation anxiety'.  On the Environmental side I gave away over 300 poop bags to dog owners and three free neutering vouchers for 'bull breeds'.

There was also music, entertainment for the kids - and adults!!

Gina from WECH (W9) and Guy from City West Homes (W10) did a great job at the organising of their individual events!

Monday 4 July 2011


10th July 2011 12.30pm - 4.30pm

Hi All Dog Lovers and 'Learners'!!

Once again I have been invited back to WECH's Community Festival in Tamplin Mews Maida Vale W9 and am really looking forward to the Festival that has everything for everyone!! Music, Food Entertainment for all (children, adults and seniors).

I will be offering Free Advice on 'dog behavioural problems', giving out information about dog care and the latest on 'dog socialising classes' funded by 'Harrow Road Ward' and local 'dog activities'.  There will be information and free 'vouchers' for neutering 'bull breeds' and you are welcome to discuss with me the pros and cons of neutering your pet!

Nervous around dogs, Are your children fearful of approaching dogs, Let me talk you through what to do when you see a dog in the street or a local park. Most IMPORTANTLY let me tell you how to Be safe around dogs outdoors and in the home.

Hope you can come and enjoy the day, it is a Family Event and something for everyone!!! Come and meet me on my 'Dog Advice Stall' - promise I don't bite!!!

Dog Advice Stall Queens Park Gardens W10

9th July 2011 At Queens Park Gardens London W10

Advice on Dog handling, dog behavioural problems and offering Free 'Neutering Vouchers' to all 'Bull Breed' Owners on 9th July @ Queens Park Gardens.

City West Homes have organised a tribute plaque to be placed in Queens Park Gardens in honour of the Queens Park Rangers Football club that first started all those years ago in St. Judes Hall Queens Park. There will be entertainment for the kids and stalls.  City West Homes has asked me to have a 'Dog Advice Stall' focusing on 'responsible ownership and environmental issues and also addressing 'dogs' behavioural issues in the community. I will be there from 12pm-3,30pm on 9th July.