Sunday 15 January 2012

New Pup/After Christmas NEED ADVICE

Just got that 'adorable pup' or that 'new rescue dog' - Christmas is over and the New Year already begun - AND BACK TO WORK - kids back at school AND things are not as 'easy' as you thought they would be with the new addition to the family!! Toilet training with the pup is not going according to plan - the new rescue dog is chewing the furniture and barking when left alone and the kids 'promise' of 'walking' has been replaced by a new television programme!!

One word 'training' and another 'socialising'  start  now - with a puppy - he or she looks to you to set boundaries to give them a rountine - the first walk or 'outing in the garden' after the inoculations - the 'contained place' to start 'toilet training'. How to get used to a collar (by wearing it around the home before venturing out into the street) and to walk on lead without 'pulling'. To give your new pet mental stimulation as well as physical and to build upto leaving your pet on their own.

A good 'training class' will have between 8 - 10 dogs (any more to me is too many!!) and as well as training there will be 'off lead 'doggy playtime).  Ideally the sessions will be outside but in the winter a hall is good as long as you also  are able to go  outside to 'walk on lead' interact with other dogs and owners and address the 'outside environmental issues' Owners have a very short period of time to accustom new pups and 'rescue' dogs to a range of 'different experiences' A good trainer will  observe any 'bullying' from bolder pups towards the shyer ones and address this accordingly at the same time not making either owner or  dog feel 'overprotected' or 'fearful'.

Sometimes a pup or dog may have 'certain behavioural issues' which are not at all serious but if left or the wrong 'correction' given could develop into bigger issues!! A one to one consultation can be given - I offer a two hour consultation @ £60.00 for full session. Please call if you need any advice or email me on or check out my website

Friday 6 January 2012

A Goodbye to 2011 and Hello to 2012

2011 - A year of petitioning for Justice for 'abused or animals killed by abuse', For Freedom for 'bull breeds' victims of BSL - a law that criminalizes the 'breed' not the 'deed'- many staffordshire crosses kept in cold stone cells for long periods of time.  Awaiting a fate that could mean 'Destruction' under an Act that was not thought out and nearly all are owned by persons  that 'did everything' in their power to behave as responsible dog owners. We must not forget Lennox in Belfast - a dog whose fate is still in the hands of the 'powers that be' and Lennox's family who every single of the day are thinking of him and praying for his release.  Lennox's family must be WONDERING WHY he is a 'victim of BSL - he was neutered, microchipped and everything was done according to the law YET he is now in a cold cell.

2011 - a year when 'Annie the Elephant' was seen on film being brutally treated by his owners 'henchman' - now she is living her retirement in a place she never thought she would live to see and is SAFE.

2011 - when Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary a rescue for the street dogs in Thailand had fund raising events  in St, Martins Church London NW10 and South London UK and raised awareness of how Stray Dogs not only in Thailand but worldwide are treated. Avril Simms and her many supporters raised money to get dogs that had gone through hell in Turkey to safety in UK to 'forever homes'  Dog Star Foundation had an amazing year helping strays and carried out neutering/spaying programmes in Sir Lanka.  Foster Farms Sanctuary in US helped save so many horses from slaughter.  Noahs Arc (Spain)and Many Tears Rescue (UK) rehomed and rescued dogs in Uk and abroad.  People ran marathons, fetes, dog shows, drew portraits, donated, shared, fostered, adopted and rescued - all in the name of the innocent creatures in this world

2011 - Saw the sadness of our canine and feline friends passing - leaving us to heavenly pastures, Max, Roma, Blue the Beautiful Gentle Cat, and so many more.  May they RIP

2011 was a year combined with sadness and joy but most of all united us all in our Determination to make sure we will carry on being the voice of the innocent and Shout Even louder in 2012.

Happy New Year to you all