Thursday 30 January 2014

Dog Advice Surgery @GrandUnionPetsW9

Grand Union Pets Boutique asked if I would like to use the downstairs basement  of their Boutique to hold a 'Dog Advice Surgery' and I decided to do a couple of 'pilots' before Christmas 2013.  The 'Dog Advice Surgery' would be where you could come and see me with your dog (s) - have an informal chat bout your pup - adolescent teenage pooch or your Senior (who might still need a few social graces - or maybe just  a few tips regarding 'Senior moments').  A nice cup of coffee or tea - an informal chat and a few hopefully helpful tips - and all free -  if a one on one is needed then you can book an appointment with me to come to your home  for a private training session at a set fee.

The pilots went well but unfortunately due to illness and other commitments - the dates for the Surgery to commence officially were delayed but tomorrow @ 2.30pm-3.30pm I will be at Grand Union Pet Boutique 174 Shirland Road Maida Vale W9 3JE - and ever other week after.

Hope to see you there

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Eventful January 2014

Well I am back in circulation after the ups and downs of Christmas and the New Year, falling foul of a 'popular virus' that put me out of action for two weeks - and my poor dogs to 'block walks' and 'garden confinement' for any outdoor scenery!! Chelsea my little 'rescue' chihuahua/jrt corgi was by my side taking on the role of 'DogNurse". Missy my other rescue gave me the occasional 'are you okay mum and is there enough dog food supplies' and Kiki my new girl slept glad to be safe and secure inside a loving home.

I started the new year with the 'blessing'  of a little dog that was put out on the streets of Greece after her owner passed away and if had not been for 'North Wind' who took her off the streets until she could be safely be brought over to UK by Niz Khan a dedicated animal advocate who spends her time helping street dogs around the world and in UK.  My new 'sister' to my two girls Missy Blue and Chelsea Rose has settled in well and with her gentle ways has already enriched my life.

Dog Training Classes commenced 18th January in the wards of Harrow Road - the weather was for a change!!!! - rather wet but at Least it was not too much for Max the Jack Russell, B the lab/cross staffie, Bailey the staffie and Molly from Romania - who braved the torrential!! Five Polite Pooches 'texted' their 'absent' apologies.

Last Saturday (25th January) - what a difference the sun makes and even though the rain fell again from the skies - it  waited till the class had finished before its downpour!!

There was the 'teenager' GSD Sheba from W9 who came bounding in the dog enclosure - straight into the muddiest part - till she spotted Oscar the jrt x who was all barks and growls - you can guess who backed down - Sheba of course!! Then Handsome Bassie a Ridgeback/mastiff cross such a gentle boy with a thing about jumping up.

We had Bobby the beagle pup who constantly pulled on the lead and needed to learn 'recall' - Bailey the staffie was back and loved his new pals - Molly and B made an entrance - gradually getting to know Sheba and Bassie. It was also good to see Ghost the white GSD who his owner rescued from an unsuitable home six months after her beloved Cedar passed away. Poor Ghost has a lot of issues - he is a lovely dog but he has had no social interaction with dogs and the interaction from humans before was not good memories.

We first of all walked in twos around the enclosure practising walking on lead and with another dog - then we walked outside in the open green area past dogs off lead - kids in the park - using the 'block' and the lead control  for pulling and jumping up.

Then back to the dog enclosure for off lead and to show how to 'recall' your dog - which will we will be concentrating in the next session.

Then for doggy homework to be given out - 'Walking on lead' 'stop' and 'block' to stop the pulling -
Can not wait until next Saturday - same time same place

These classes are Free to all residents of Queens Park and W9 Wards - 2pm - 3.30pm
next one is 1st February at Paddington Recreation Grounds London W9 @ the dog enclosure (entrance of Morshead Road) W9