Monday 18 August 2014


Canine Culture Update for August 2104

August 2nd 

What a month it has been, firstly we had the Queens Park Community Festival in its eleventh year in Queens Park  Gardens W10 where we had a small dog show including categories 'Prince and Princess' ' Ilovemystaffi' 'Best Rescue' and 'Pup Idol'.  A  presentation by the Lord Mayor of Westminster of the Community Cup 2014 for the most 'Responsible Dog and Owner' - a joint win this year by Elvie the handsome  black labrador and Maggie a gorgeous American Bull Dog. (photos coming soon).  It was a great day for both dogs and the local community with amazing singing - and dancing acts.

August 8th

Everyone needs a break but when you got dogs and only one has a passport - or you don't want to put them through travelling abroad because of age etc - you miss them already before you have even left for the airport - and when you get there - you just feel 'Gosh How much they would love it here'!!

So my holiday break was short and sweet and after driving my poor 'dog sitter' mad with last minute 'rules' - I arrived in Nantes in France met by my friends Mary and Micheal and taken to meet the real reason why I was there (only joking Mary mmmmmmmmmmmmm) to meet Tess the stunning German Shepherd Rescue who was so warm and friendly  - knowing a 'softy' when she saw one!! 
The little rural village we stayed was beautiful and I spent wonderful hours exploring the fields - the local places of interest and of course the local village 'bars' - everyone smiling with a polite 'Bonjour' - thanks Mary and Michael and of course the lovely Tess for a great time.  Oh and I must not forget the lovely little kitten Mary rescued and found a home for the day before I left - or I might have had an 'extra' 'someone to declare' as I went through customs!!!

13th August

Back with my precious girls - Missy gave me the 'How could you leave me' Look and 'cold shoulder' treatment for an hour or two!! Chelsea jumped up and down and lots of kisses - Kiki Diamond was 'Any chance of that chicken and rice'  we were given when you were away!! But then an alert went out on Facebook that a 'Romanian Dog' had gone missing in W5 and Niz Khan and I went and fly posted in the area - thankfully she was found safe and well and now is reclining on the sofa with her grateful and relieved Mum.

17th August

White City Dog Show
My first dog show in White City Estate - not a familar area even though I had visited a few times to post flyers of the Dog Show I still got lost when I got to the estate to find the venue for the show!!

Setting up the tables and marque for registration and putting the prizes and rosettes out - it poured down for about twenty minutes but thankfully the sun came out for the actual show - meaning a delay in starting. Thanks to my 'Dog Show Judges' Priya and Katie and help from Helen from the Parks Police and Ana and of course Emma Morgan from the White City Community Enterprise who invited me to organise the show.

From chihuahuas to huskies to jack russells to a rescued street dog - to a small staffie 'Pup Idol' to a large black and white 'staffie cross' - its what makes doing these events and my job just the #Best ever

Next Dog Advice  Surgery @ GrandUnionPets 174 Shirland Road W9  is 30th August 2014 @ 2pm-3.30pm where you can bring your dog have a friendly chat with me and a cup of coffee

if you live in the Notting Hill area  or are coming to the 'Notting Hill Carnival' on the Bank Holiday Weekend
24th-25th August PLEASE DO NOT BRING your dog - IT WILL BE TOO DISTRESSING FOR THEM. Even walking your dog in that area COULD SPOOK THEM - the noise - the crowd. If you go ENJOY but PLEASE leave your dog (s) at home - inside and NOT left alone in gardens