Wednesday 30 April 2014

3rd May 2014 @GrandUnionPetsBoutique 174 Shirland Road London W9

I will be having a Dog Advice Surgery at Grand Union on Saturday between 2pm - 3.30pm.  Come and see me for a free advice - bring your dog - have a chat - a cup of coffee and afterwards feel free to browse around Grand Union Pet Boutique - where I am sure your 'precious pet' will HELP show you around. 'Dog Treats' 'Dog Food' and lots of toys - practical training devices and an excellent Grooming Service available.

If you feel your dog needs a one on one you can call me on #07949523710 or email or visit my website  - and of course you are still welcome to come along and see me to discuss your dogs behaviour.

Saturday 26 April 2014

Working with Dogs

After a great Easter week end and spending time with my three dogs - all rescues - two from UK - and my latest family member being Kiki Diamond from Greece settling in well 'paws under the table' already!! I had to get back to work  - to pay for their 'future' - pet insurance - food and of course vet bills!!!

And I do LOVE my work but 'working with dogs' and even though 'clients' give you as much details regarding 'history' - behaviour patterns - you still don't really know what the dog's real problems are until you meet the dog - the owner and all the family members!! Sometime you can  get inquires  from an 'anxious' or 'worried' owner -} 'Rescue dog' - Four years old - shows signs of aggression - lunging at people -  'or' a ten week old pup that is 'biting' - 'or' I have just castrated my dog and there is no change in his behaviour' - why hasn't he calmed down straight away - he is still aggressive even though he was castrated -} Castration does not solve a behavioural problem but can help when your dog meets another un neutered dog - a ten week old pup is not 'biting' but 'mouthing' - BUT you want to address the problem early before the pups 'mouthing' becomes biting as the pup becomes older - or - a Rescue dog that not much history is known but you find the lunging is - not aggressive but can be intimidating to others - but can easily be addressed by 'lead control' and then 'more training' off lead.

Tuesday I went to meet my client and his beautiful Belgium Shepherd - An adult - First thing he did on greeting me was to JUMP UP - the owner holding onto the lead with all the muscle he could - I stood still - folded my arms 'Blocking him' - he tried jumping up again - I turned my back again with a Block then turned back(No Verbal)  and then  he sat (immediately I was ready to greet him) - we were ready for the next step - walking on lead. In just a short time and using 'lead control' and the 'Block' and Rewarding Positive actions with Verbal Praise his owner could see a difference - and promised to carry on with the same technique and follow the routine I had set him.  Looking forward to the next session in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday from a Belgium Shepherd to a chihuahua - a 'former' lapdog whose elderly owner had passed away and relatives had bought the dog to a rescue home  - his new owner wanted her to socialise and learn how to walk on a lead - we feel that though the chihuahua was four years old  - she had probablly never actually walked anywhere outside and the garden was her 'toilet area' in her last home. It was basically starting the training as you would do with a small puppy - which we did - her owner seemed impressed with the progress booked me for at least another couple of sessions!!

I indeed am lucky to be working with dogs but I also know that Insurance is SO important and even if you are walking YOUR dog or someone elses dog YOU should have third party insurance  at least and when I see some dog walkers with their eight or ten dogs I DO wonder if they have insurance or even pay tax. IF you ARE walking someone elses dogs and are a dog walker  YOU SHOULD have insurance that covers PUBLIC CARE AND LIABILITY .

NB I do KNOW some professional dog walkers that are fully insured and operate as a proper business But as I said there are quite a few that are not - so If looking for a dog walker in your area ask to see their insurance policies.  I have full pet trainers insurance and have a copy on hand if any of my clients wish to see it. KEEP YOUR PET SAFE - THEY are family

Monday 7 April 2014

Dogs of Romania

Working with all breeds of dogs and dog owners from all over London - meeting dog lovers - from all over the world  - in UK I am often asked the 'question' - Why do you support 'transporters ' small rescues' and 'donate' to help the dog the street dogs of Romania!

And the answer is 'simple' - The Romanian Government was given over one billion euros by the EU Commission for 'public funds' in 2013 - the final payment by August 2013 and then the 'animal carnage began' - stray dogs on the streets of Romania were 'rounded up' by 'dog catchers' - beaten - poisoned and worse - loyal rescuers like Arwen - Adina and many more romanian angels - work night and day to rescue 'as many as they can'.  They need help with donations so they can fully  vaccinate neuter and transport to loving owners - in other parts of Europe and UK with the proper paperwork and passports.

 In  UK we have some kind of animal welfare system - in romania they have NONE and their own Government is paying to kill these dogs in the most horrific way.

In UK we NEED not to only get OUR AFFAIRS in order - by ending Laws like BSL and making Laws that GIVE lengthy prison sentences to any  form of animal abuse - Punish illegal dog fighting ring participants with sentencing and confiscating all Assets  - BUT until countries like Romania and their governments STOP their horrendous crimes against animals - I like many others will continue with my support and petitions to make EU and our 'supposedly animal loving country' ONE DAY STAND up and LISTEN and ACT