Saturday 28 December 2013

28th December 2013

What a year!! Full of joy, sadness - new pups - old seniors - rescues and lots of abandoned Staffordshire Bull Terriers who sadly end up in rescue homes or even worse dog pounds.

When a stray animal is picked up by the local dog warden, they are taken to a pound where they have seven days to be reunited with their owners or rehomed.  IF no one comes forward - either to claim them or rescues to take them they are put to sleep!  These are mostly beautiful healthy dogs that could be young puppies or young adults - or seniors - abandoned after years of loyalty - their fate unknown. Some of these animals could be much loved pets that have escaped, strayed or been stolen but the one thing that could reunite them with their owners is MISSING - and that is a microchip.  How many 'loving' dog owners - and 'cat' owners NEVER think to microchip their pets and this 'inexspensive' and essential 'act' could mean the difference between reuniting your pet and 'losing' them forever.
In 2016 all pets will HAVE to be microchipped by law - but if I were YOU I would microchip your pet now - take photos of your pet and IF they do get lost, stolen or stray contact all local authorities and leaflet the area to help with sightings of your 'lost pet'.

Classes funded by Harrow Road and Queens Park Ward Budgets started late this year but we had a mixture of different breeds when they commenced on 30th November - Maggie the chihuahua - Hamish and Gracie the collie crosses, Ghost the white German Shepherd - Bassie and Turk the staffie crosses - and late comers BB the staffie cross - Sandy the westie, and also one to ones with the two Romanian rescues. With the weather being its usual unpredictable  - 'rainy' and more 'rain - after two more sessions - I decided the next classes would start again after the new year.

Also classes will be starting in January 18th in the Ward of South Westminster from 2pm-3pm at St Georges Square SW1 contact me on 079 4952 3710

This year has been a time when we have had  to say Goodbye to our loyal companions - Dear Cedar a ten year old German Shepherd - Sid a five year old EBT cross who was pts after a year of being a victim of BSL - Ben the doberman who died of a heart attack - Honee the ridgeback who died of cancer at the beginning of 2013 - Billy the 20 year old cat who passed in his sleep and finally dearest Kelpie who passed away two weeks before Christmas. Tears have been shed and memories will never leave us but hopefully in time our hearts will open wide with love and compassion for one of the many homeless abandoned animals that are desperate for a loving home - WHEREVER you are in the world.

I hope that 2014 will be a better year for both animal and human - that the Laws will PROTECT our animals AND not (like BSL) destroy them.  That we will continue our fight to keep the Ban on Fox Hunting - to stop the puppy mills - the factory farming - and IF our Government continue to do BUSINESS with china THEY will Campaign to stop the illegal trading of both the meat trade and the 'poaching of the wildlife'  Enjoy your NEW year and keep yourselves and your pets safe -

Friday 8 November 2013

Friday 08th November 2013

Today my client was a hyperactive - cheeky - mouthy young lady!! Jumping up - lots of 'social graces' to be learned - and pure pedigree German Shepherd and at three months old was definitely in need of some training!!

German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs but also need to be kept both mentally and physically stimulated and active as can in latter years suffer from hip problems if not regularly exercised.  It is very sad to  see this magnificent breed when they have been kept as 'security dogs' kept in small contained areas or chained and put out on industrial plants as 'guard dogs' - with such limited exercise and movement they lead a lonely and isolated life often ending their lives early and suffer hip dysplasia.

Sheba was raring to go - a Beautiful girl who soon picked up negative actions got ignored and positives got 'rewards' - after giving her 'guardians' doggy homework on 'mouthing' 'jumping up' and 'lead control' and giving Sheba a last 'Sit and Stay Goodbye Treat' I was back onto the streets of St Johns Wood NW8 and a typical English downpour,

Will be going back in 10 days to see how 'guardians' and 'Sheba is doing and see who is training who!

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Dog Advice Surgery Beethoven Centre Third Avenue W10
Monday 4th November 2013

First Dog Surgery in Queens Park Westminster opened this monday - giving advice on neutering/spaying, getting a new dog and all aspects of being a responsible 'dog owner'.
This Dog Surgery will be fortnightly and between 2pm and 3.30pm and FREE to all members of Queens Park Ward and Harrow Road Ward. Also non dog owners are welcome to voice their views both negative and positive on how 'dog owners' and their dogs affect their enjoyment of public spaces and environmental issues regarding dogs mess left on the streets of both Westminster wards.

I think it is important to have someone and somewhere to go to seek advice regarding dogs especially when living in a multi culture community where sometimes the smallest dog can seem to be intimidating if not under proper control.  Also there are new laws regarding dog legislation being updated on a regular basis especially for 'bull breeds' and owners should be kept informed of these laws and advised on the Dog Control Act.

In Westminster wards it is against the law to have your dog not on a leash if in a public place that is not an 'assigned dog area' -  a fine can be imposed for this and also for not picking up after your dog - these fines can be issued by a dog warden - an environmental warden and a police officer.  Also if your dog is reported or seen to be acting in an antisocial manner or left unattended in a public place - it can be siezed and if it is a 'bull breed type' can be taken under the BSL and kept in a unknown location to be assessed.

BSL is a law based on looking at the Breed of a certain dog (ie bull breeds) rather than the behaviour of your dog - your dog does not have to commit a crime to be seized - this law is based on 'type' - a bit like racial profiling - it judges the breed NOT the deed. Information about this law and the Dangerous dog act is given out at my dog surgery.  Also if in the event your dog is seized it is IMPERATIVE you do not SIGN ANYTHING you can contact a lawyer from Wheldons Law or contact or helpline numbers 0844 844 2990 or 0844 844 0802 or emergency 0794 1020 754

You also might need advice on basic puppy training or you have just adopted a rescue dog from the local shelter @mayhewanimalhome or alldogsmatteruk - also any local microchipping events or dog classes in the area information will be given out to all dog owners.

So whatever your 'enquiry' is please come along and visit for a friendly chat and a cup of coffee!!

Friday 11 October 2013

Dog training @MaidaVale with

11th October 2013

Training pups - it is so important to start socialising your young pup as soon as they are fully vaccinated - and if you have just rescued a pup from your local shelter or dogs trust or any local rescue start socialising them as as possible. I like to call my dog classes 'dog socialising classes' because one of the most important factors of owning a dog is for them to be good with other dogs and familar with the public and their local environment!

Last Sunday I held  my third dog training session in Maida Vale W9 in the Dog Area Enclosure in Paddington Recreation Ground.  This is an ideal training ground as it has the wide open spaces and also   three enclosures to practice 'recall'.  I also like my classes to be small - no more than 6 pups or 6 dog owners (to allow for owners with two family pets) - too many dogs in the class can be overwhelming to  pups entering the 'Big Bad world of Our's and also gives both owners and pups my full attention!!

Gracie the little spaniel cross pup and her big brother Hamish (whom apparently bullied her in the litter) started to learn the 'social graces' of siblings - and that 'mouthing' did not mean 'bullying' - Winston the cocker spaniel was a 'star' at recall and 'Boy' 's first time of the lead had his owners amazed.  Boy a border terrier had never had the correction of his mum - or any 'introduction' to other dogs before - but was gradually learning to interact with other dogs.  Next session is on Sunday the 20th October - can't wait to see how each dog has progressed - after giving out 'strict doggy homework'

This weekend is World Animal Day - the Feast day of St Francis of Assisi - and the Reverand Graham Noyce of St Martins Church Mortimer Road NW10 5SN invites all pet owners and their pets to be blessed at his church.  The event starts 2pm at St Martins Church (two minutes from Kensal Green (Bakerloo Line and Overground) Station and Bus No 18 route).
If you can not attend - you can email - or telephone 07958 950137
Emails will be accepted from abroad -
If your pet has sadly passed away - they can be remembered in Rev Noyce's Blessing

All donations will be sent to the nuns of the Russian Orthodox church in Kaluga region of Russia an established sanctuary for abandoned and unwanted animals especially cats. This service is dedicated to them and all animals all over the world
A special prayer and Blessing will be for the Street dogs of Romania who face the horror of slaughter by the Romanian Authorities

                                   An old Russian Prayer
Hear our prayer Lord for all the animals - May they find food - be well fed and protect them from hunger - fear and suffering - And we pray protect and fight against the inhumanity of fellow man
Protect especially in our land of such disregard for animals especially the little cat who is the companion in our home and the dog who forgives our trespasses with compassion -
Keep them safe as they go abroad and bring them back to comfort us

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Canine News Update September 2013

Living near the Notting Hill Carnival - I am happy to say the annual event went really well and the clean up was very efficient!! Chelsea my jack russell was VERY disappointed that the street cleaners did their job so thoroughly - NOT a chicken bone in sight!!!

Also Great news - Tessa the lost seven month old romanian dog was found after two weeks AND before Carnival which was a great relief to her fosterers, her rescue and myself and Niz Khan  - Rob of K9 Kennels and Amanda who spent many hours and days putting out flyers - and walking the streets of Holland Park W11 trying to find her.

Buster a ten year old senior King Charles was adopted by a lovely senior lady who had lost her own dog a year ago and I saw Buster on All Dogs Matter Rescue website  (a great rescue that deal both with  dogs and owners with kindness and tlc) - It was an ideal adoption for two lonely seniors!!!

I am working with Winnie a four month gorgeous labrador  and would melt any man's heart but unfortunately is running rings around her owner!! We are doing a few follow up sessions and meeting again next week - after more doggy homework!! I did see a great improvement today so her owner is really working hard!!!

Sadly I met up with one of my star pupil's owner last week and was told that Cedar the ten year old German Shepherd had passed away.  Cedar was a beautiful girl that was crowned 'Best in Show' at the Maida Vale Dog Show 2012 and she will never be forgotten - such a gentle sociable dog.  RIP Cedar

Dog Socialising Classes commence on 14th September 2013 in the dog area of Queens Park Gardens W10 - places still available for the - 3pm class for Adult dogs.

One last thought the weather is still warm and while that is great for us - it can be too much for our furry friends and our wildlife - if out walking make sure to take plenty of water for your dog - also leaving water out for the wildlife (ie. squirrels - birds ) in your garden.  Don't leave your pet in the garden alone, outside a shop AND NEVER IN A CAR UNATTENDED (cars are like ovens within minutes)

Enjoy the weather, Enjoy your pets and keep them safe!

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Maida Vale Dog Show 2013 date changed

21st August  2013

Maida Vale Dog Show to be held in the Dog Area of Padding Recreation Grounds on  31st August 2013 has now been put back to 28th September 2013.

Judges will have to be notified - and new posters and flyers printed!! Also I have to meet up with the Park Manager of Paddington Recreation Grounds to see which dog area will be the best venue to hold the dog show event in!  Last year it was the Dog area (Carlton Vale entrance) and it was an ideal venue - enclosed and ticked all the Risk Assessment Boxes and Pet Business Insurance Public Care and Liability Requirements.

Jinny the Ealing Dog Warden was also going to offer Free Microchipping to local dog owners for their canines and has been notified of the change of date.

The categories will be Ms Diva, Mr Slick, Best Senior, Best Rescue . Pup Idol and of course 'I luv my staffi' - great prizes (for dogs only of course) and rosettes will be given out on the day!

Meanwhile 'Dog Socialising Classes' will commence on 14th September in Queens Park Gardens (dog enclosed area) off Ilbert Street London W10 - Puppy classes (now full) from 12.30pm-1.30pm and Adult dogs 2pm -3pm any queries call Canine Culture on 07949523710

Missing Dogs - Tessa from NW8

Saturday 10th August 2013

London NW8

After a great day of a successful  Dog Show and the presentation of the Canine Community Cup to two worthy dogs and owners and a successful Queens Park Festival I came home jubilant and patting myself on the back - job 'Well done'!!

Jinny the Ealing Dog Warden had had over 15 dogs who came to the same day FREE 'microchipping  event' and  I offered dog advice and helped register the dogs. All dogs Big and small - all breeds were well controlled and kept in check. By the time evening came - and I had walked my two pooches - I was ready for sleep - so all phones - computers were turned off until next morning!

Sunday 11th August 2013

I awoke to learn that a rescue dog from Romania - Tessa a ginger and white crossbreed - was missing after one day with her new adoptors.  Tessa at seven months - fostered in the countryside - now DogLost - frightened in London  NW8.  Suddenly all yesterdays 'feeling of job well done' was gone and I was along with other volunteer rescuers looking out there on the streets of NW8, W9 and W11 looking for Tessa!

Ten days later we are still looking - we have had several sightings yesterday evening in Holland Park W11 and have set up a trap But we need more volunteers to man the trap and time is running out as Notting Hill Gate Carnival approaches this week end.

Dog SOS Please if anyone spots her or sights her contact me or Niz Khan or Local Dog Warden or Dog LostUK -
Remember Tessa is very nervous and will run if chased or cornered -

Thursday 8 August 2013

Canine Champs of Queens Park

Saturday 10th August 2013

Queens Park is celebrating Its Tenth Community Festival in Queens Park Gardens W10 and are helping them celebrate with a Canine Champs of Queens Park Dog Show.

All dogs are welcome - big or small - chihuahua - staffordshire bull terrier - to strut and pose and all hoping to win great prizes and of course be Crowned 'Canine Champ' All dogs on leads and all handlers accompanied by an adult.

Registration is at 11.45am at the Dog Area Queens Park Gardens W10 (Ilbert Street Entrance) - The Dog Show and Fun Begins at mid day.

The judge will have the hardest job of all  - choosing the winners and hoping not to offend the local residents - and thats just the owners!!

Also there will be free microchipping for all dogs and advice on behaviour and dog control laws - this will be from one pm until five pm - so any dogs that are not microchipped should take advantage of this free service.

Every year a dog owner (s) is picked out from the many dog lovers  in Queens Park Community for their commitment and care and responsibility for their canine and how they have worked extra hard to  improve their pets behaviour - or helped show a good example of responsible dog ownership.

This year are two joint winners  - Grace a rescued 'bait dog' whose owner Venetia worked so hard and with tlc and patience  turned a nervous dog into a lovable companion who sleeps with her resident cat Joker - who rules the roost.

The other winner is Olly a golden retriever whose young owners sold cakes they made themselves to raise over £80 for the mayhew animal home - a local rescue and came to every training class with Olly no matter what the weather was with dedication .

It will be a great day for all but especially for the dogs and owners

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Dog training in South Westminster UK

Sunday 23rd June,

Great day for dogs - big and small - from Bertie the french bulldog to Tyson the Staffordshire Bull Terrier - the rain stayed off for an afternoon of walking to heal - introducition of Tyson to small dogs and other staffies - and teaching Betty the pug (or her owner Heidi) that learning 'recall' and being of lead was 'fun'!!

Then darling Rocco the lurcher came in with his new dog collar and much more calmer than he was in the last session!! Good boy Rocco you obviously 'did your homework'!! Romeo the little jack russell was tearing up and down with his new pals until he got a bit hyperactive - so back on the lead for him!! Jasper was trying to find where my 'training dog treats' were hidden - found the 'water bowl' instead.
No matter what the weather always make sure you have water for the dogs during exercise and while walking - More so in hot weather.

We talked about the Dog Control Act , Diet and also toilet training - not that four month old Bertie was listening - until I mentioned ' he was banned from the bedroom' until he was 100% house trained -
Sorry Bertie but your owners are changing the 'house rules'!!

 Bailey, Casper and Tuppence's owners texted me their apologies.

Another great day of training. socialising and fun with dogs in St Georges Square, Pimlico SW1

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Dog classes in South Westminster UK

Saturday 15th June, 2013

Friday was such a beautiful day when out walking the dogs SO why when it is time for my Dog Training Class on Saturday at precisely 2pm the rain comes tumbling down!!! But then dogs have to go out and enjoy the experience of walking in all weathers!!  Just not the perfect time for dog training!!

First comes Jimmy and Jasper dragging their owner with her umbrella towards me - then Poppy the little westie who is a bit nervous of human contact - with her bright raincoat on.  Then Samuel the Beagle who has incurred two 'nasty dog attacks within a few days of each other but thankfully with the help of his vet is recovering nicely - well physically anyway!!

As the sun comes out between the clouds - Bailey the now very grown up labrador comes bounding up to me and then skids into a 'sit' position - like he just remembered 'something' from puppy classes. Followed by a quick appearance by Tuppence a terrier cross accompanied by his apologetic owner who unfortunately can not stay but will be back next week.  A Beautiful ridgeback comes gracefully to my side - what a socialised treasure - one of my previous 'clients' - his owner asks if he can observe the lesson - of course - welcome all breeds - shapes and sizes and thats NOT just the dogs!

Sadly Dusty the whippet has passed away since the last dog training class and his owners have got a new pure white whippet x from Battersea Dogs Home who needs help with nipping the little terrier who has just come in to play.

Dog Owners get ready to sign up - disaster the registration forms are soaked from the earlier downpour - so will have to register next session - Sunday 23rd June.

It turned out to be a great afternoon but also it was a very special day for Emma (Bailey's family) a young girl who is the bravest girl I know - for on Monday Emma will have a big heart operation and she talks about it with full insight yet so matter of fact and so brave - that as an adult I have to make sure I am half as brave and not cry.  All of the dog owners in the area had made a special photo album of all the dogs and given Emma cards and teddies.

I know that not only myself but all who know Emma will be praying for the success and as I said to Emma - Get Well soon I need you as my 'special assistant' for my next dog classes

Friday 14 June 2013

Your Dog - Your Reponsibility- Get Microchipped

Wednesday 5th June 2013

We held a 'FREE Microchipping Event' at St Judes Hall Ilbert Street, Queens Park W10 - with myself and a dog warden from Westminster to give advice and general health check to all dogs in the area.

Microchipping of all dogs will be a legal requirement in 2016 But why wait when so many of our dogs go missing, get lost or stolen and if they are microchipped the owners stand a much better chance of getting their dogs returned to them.

Information on low cost neutering and spaying at local rescue shelters was given out to the dog owners and also advice on the positives of neutering were explained. Also free neutering vouchers were available to 'bull breeds' -

Thanks to City West Homes for their help with this event and for the free hire of the Hall and Tony Crisp and the dog warden of westminister

Friday 3 May 2013

Ageism!!! When Are You too OLD to ADOPT a pet

Sitting here with my two rescues - Missy Blue a jack russell/whippet cross and Chelsea Rose a jack russell cross - one aged ten years and the other about seven years old - I can not imagine NEVER having a dog or dogs in my life. Yet what happens when I am older and the day comes when my 'precious canine pals' have passed and I want once again to 'adopt' and give my heart and home to another dog . What happens  when my 'advancing years' are approaching - and even though I am active - healthy  in body and mind - Suddenly  my 'ability' to 'walk' 'care' and offer a homeless dog a safe and loving home is 'in doubt' by the very rescue centers I have always supported!!!

Ageism  in the 'Animal World' seems to be following the 'trend' of the workplace - and it is a sad day that 'shelters' and 'over zealous' administrators should judge us on a 'number' rather than on our ability to be a loving responsible adoptor of the numerous unwanted canines.

When I heard the story of a lovely lady who had had dogs all her life, just lost her little terrier of 15 years and wanted to rescue another little dog and was refused!! One rescue she contacted had the perfect dog for her and everything was going well - UNTIL she told them her age! Suddenly the dog had been already adopted- only to appear on their 'site' a few days later.  I met this lady - she is active - walks everywhere - lovely home with a secure garden and oh yes ----- nearly eighty.  She doesn't want a pup - she wants a dog who she can share her life with for quite a few years to come - thank you!!

So many homeless - abandoned dogs and cats - dumped  - young puppies - some just abandoned in parks - streets - unwanted litters surrendered to shelters - not only in UK but all over the world. Many thousands do not always get adopted - and in dog pounds in UK they have only seven days to be reunited with their owners - get rescue places OR being euthanized!!  Every day on the internet dogs, cats are networked by everyone to find them rescues, homes, fosters - animals that are on death row - animals that are in dog pounds.  Animals that are pleading with their eyes for just one chance of life and
through 'officialdoms red tape' and a focus on 'age' rather than a loving home here, at least in UK older animal lovers are being excluded from homing a dog.

Of course home checks are important - and activity and ability to own a dog is part of the process but please let rescues/shelters look again at their 'ageism' policy'

Monday 25 March 2013

Not Knowing the History of a dog - adolescent pup or adult!!

More and more animal lovers  are making that great decision to rescue a dog from a rescue - as in the recent years more and more animals are being abandoned NOT only in UK but all over the world. I myself have two rescues and would never go anywhere else to get an animal but a rescue - a pound or a shelter. Also fostering a dog temporarily while they wait for a forever home is another option especially if your lifestyle or work schedule is not ideal for a dog to Adopt but would help out a shelter and save a life by offering a 'homeless dog' a  temporary 'home'.


Dogs and pups, some pregnant - some pups barely old enough to leave their mothers - seniors - given up   when they need more care or just because they are old.  Their loyalty over the years meaning nothing! Some dogs are given up for financial reasons - relationship break ups or they are just not wanted anymore. Sadly the breed that is the most - abandoned - surrendered breed- is the staffordshire bull terrier and most rescues are full of this gentle 'unloved' and 'misrepresented' breed of dog.

Then there are the puppy mills - where pedigree dogs are bred year after year - never seeing daylight - some sadly die without seeing daylight or knowing a comforting touch.  Others are rescued and brought into the tender care of rescues like the wonderful Many Tears who have dedicated fosterers who help the sad unsocialised and traumatised ' yorkies, collies, - 'the forgotten breeding machines' adjust to a life outside a cage of darkness. 

Lastly not least are the beautiful healthy 'pound dogs' - strays who have no microchip or if they do - the owners don't come for them - and dedicated  animal advocates seek rescues to come forward and try to get them out of the dog pounds -      and  are given 7 days sometimes less to get a 'safe rescue'  for the dogs   otherwise they are  euthanized. 

Many have no history - a lot of them have had no training - May never have  been socialised with other dogs - children - lived in a home environment - like ex breeding dogs - they have spent their whole life in isolation - many not housetrained - many terrified of all elements of normal life. 

So when you walk in your local shelter - or you contact a rescue about a dog or a young pup and they ask you lots of questions and then want to check your home and then ask you go to training classes (some do - some don't) or they say though they have assessed the dog they have no history - please don't be put off getting a rescue dog. Please don't think that they are being 'too judgemental' - because all they want is the best for you BUT MOST of all that the 'pup' 'adult' 'senior' is in the right home and it will be for LIFE .

Bless your life and theirs and ADOPT or FOSTER a 'homeless dog''

Training tips contact Crissie 07949 523 710 

Monday 11 March 2013


Dog Classes in (Dog Area)  Paddington Recreation Grounds London W2

Socialising dogs and dog owners is so important - different breeds - ie. German Shepherds - Akitas - Huskies - Staffordshire Bull Terriers - mixed breeds - jack russells - pugs - whippets - the list goes on!
Thats what I like about my classes in Westminster  there is always a  a  variety of dogs - and a variety of behavioural  problems and because of the support of wards like Harrow Road Ward and Queens Park Ward I have the opportunity to teach our four legged friends the social enjoyment of being a dog.

When I first meet a new dog I am a stranger to them which gives me an opportunity to study his body language to see how friendly or otherwise his reaction will be with strangers - does he come forward tail wagging - does he hesitate nervously  - wary but not aggressive - or is he giving low growls or warning barks.  Does the dog 'sit' or 'bounce' - like Bella the young lab pup or utter a slow uncertain growl like Ringo the american bull dog - or try to 'mug me ' for the treats in my pocket - like Molly the Romanian GSD mix!  Of course all the dogs are on leads and I let the dog and owner  approach me - as I crouch down on one knee with my body sideways and eyes averted so there is no direct challenge to the dog. And Even though the dogs are on leads - the owners have come to the class to learn 'lead control' so they are not necessarily holding their 'precious pet' correctly.

I like to start the lesson with owners introducing themselves and their dogs and explaining what 'they feel their dog needs to learn or what their behavioural problems are' - then I make  my assessment.

An assessment at the beginning of the first class is very important because some dogs might have a problem that needs a one on one dog training session ie. fear aggression that could trigger the three F's Freedom Flight or Fight - as they would be on lead initially the first two F's would not be possible and that would only leave FIGHT.  This was in the case of Beautiful Lexy a Bull Breed that had been living in abusive circumstances for five years and also used as a breeding machine until the last year of rescue and also she was a big dog that her owner could not manage - so I arranged for Lexys owner to contact me for a one on one.  Junior the GSD was not good with other dogs (but lived with cats!!) but walked really well on the lead and his owner had a muzzle (if needed)

I like the dogs in the class not only to learn not to pull, to sit and of course - recall but also to leave at the final lesson with 'new friends' to behave socially not only with other dogs and dog owners but also non dog owners - so no jumping up - sitting 'politely' when people pass by in a public places - to make owning a dog fun and also a pleasure for both dog and owner.  And to Be responsible  - Get your pet microchipped - tagged - neutered or spayed and Insured and of course a pet is for LIFE

Saturday 23 February 2013

Dog Classes Saturday 23rd February 2013

A cold day - a threat of snow but I was determined my 'dog socialising class' was going ahead!!

I had arranged for the classes to take place in the (Dog Area)  Paddington Recreation Ground W9 - a lovely big enclosure for safe and security for all the dogs taking part. With registration forms, (for Public care and Liability Insurance and monitoring for Westminster Council) - training leads - water bowls (yes even in cold weather it is still good to have access to water for thirsty 'trainees') I was already to go - just needed some 'dogs' to bring their owners!!!

First to 'Bounce' through the gate was Ringo a lovely 'american bulldog' rescued from Bullies in Need - raring to 'socalise himself' with lots of vigor - then along came Junior a GSD x all the way from Spain - he was fearful of other dogs.

Bella the labrador came bounding up to me - her  owner holding 'for dear life' to the lead!  Alaska and Arakeetall (beautiful names) two very friendly huskies - Alaska the female had a little stubborn streak and only wanted to do what Alaska wanted! Rocky a handsome six month lurcher/GSD x came in - needs to learn 'lead control' and to be more confident around other dogs. BB the staffie cross came in with Molly the Romanian dog rescue eight years ago - both determined to show the 'other dogs' how 'it was done' as  they had been to 'quite a few' classes before.

Oh and lastly but not least Little Ava a little staffie pup with her 'foster mum' looking a bit overwhelmed with all the 'Big guys'! Ava is from the mayhew animal  home trenmar Gardens London NW10  - I offer a place in the class free to a puppy or dog from a rescue home for one or two sessions.

The first class is always to assess the dogs and the 'owners' behaviour and to socialise the dogs with each other - all on leads - it is also important that owners discuss in a group their own 'views' on their dogs behaviour before we practice 'walking on the lead' together in pairs - and to show how to stop the dogs from pulling - using the 'block'.
It was a great group of dogs - and I look forward to next Saturday 's session - and I hope they do too!!

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Welcome to the year of Canine Culture 2013

Its the first month of the new year and canine culture wishes every dog owner and of course their canines a great and exciting new year ahead.

So far this month though the snow was great for our doggy pals to enjoy running and playing with snowballs and racing up and down in the parks and woodland!! - it was not the ideal weather for 'puppy training'!! Walking on lead and teaching adventurous or nervous pups not to pull when you yourself are slipping and sliding on the icy pavements is NOT a trainers  or owners ideal training session -  and definitely not for the 'pup in training' - the best weather to sit and stay, when a warm fire and their favourite bed was waiting for them indoors!

So dog training classes and one to one sessions and assessments were put on hold until late January and Early February.

Last week as weather improved  I had a one on one with Alfie the maltese terrier and his pal a terrier mix called Ken (who apparently was a bad influence on Alfie) - of course nothing to do with his owner or Alfie's!! Alfie and his canine partner in crime Ken were barking at certain dogs - like the local rottiweiler  or the Bull Mastiff or maybe a twelve year old greyhound - the Bigger the bolder the bark. Also jumping up at people to say a friendly but boisterous hello! So after meeting in the local park and letting both dogs have a good run together and let off steam while I got some more information and history on Alfie and Ken we left to walk the streets of Grovenor Road SW1 and Belgravia
Firstly I wanted to observe how Alfie and Ken's owners reacted to their behaviour - everytime they saw another big dog approaching they would verbally 'reassure' their dogs and saying 'Be good boys' - and don't bark etc. - what they were doing was condoning their behaviour - my training method is to use verbal or 'food' reward to praise a dog when they have done something to earn it only.

I walked Alfie by my side and when he went to Bark I ignored him -  stopped with the lead turned his head round to the side and immediately he stopped I verbally praised him 'Good Boy' and after a few stops - turns and 'good boys' he was walking more confident but without the barking and as for Ken he trotted by his owners side with not so much as a 'squeak'. Giving both owners doggy homework - for the next seven days - and then for our next session - food guarding!

One of my other clients is Bella a chocolate labrador four months old - such a good student until that labrador's stubborn trait appears!! Perfect sit and stay - recall - its still a game of hide and seek for her owner - still early days. 'How do you do it Crissie - she comes straight to you - but not to me' her young  owner cries -  practice and patience and making yourself exciting and the main focus of your dog!! Back next monday for another training session with my canine 'peter pan'.

Dates of classes and workshops will be on my website soon and if you just want a friendly word of advice  on a new pup, rescue dog I am sure I will have some time to spare on 07949523710

Friday 4 January 2013

Goodbye to the year of 2012

2012 was a year of - protesting for the end of a law that is NOT in touch with reality and judges the 'breed NOT the deed' - The BSL which condemns a 'bull breed' for what he looks like THAN whether he or she has committed any 'Deed' that comes under the Dangerous Dog Act or not!! We said good bye to Lennox on 11th July 2012 after he spent two years in captivity - imprisoned in kennels - with Victoria Stilwell and Roger Mumford  amongst Lennox's supporters from around the world.  RIP Lennox we are still fighting The authorities of Belfast for JUSTICE for you and your family!
I met Peter Egan, Sarah Fisher Anthony Head - but best of all were all those Dedicated and Inspiring EndBSL supporters who came out in rain or shine to the Peaceful Protest in Westminster to spread the word - End BSL Now.

In 2012 I continued by dog socialising classes in the Harrow Road Ward, Queens Park Ward and the wards in South Westminster - promoting responsible dog ownership and socialising both dogs and owners. I attended with Missy Blue my jack russell cross in local educational events with school children in libraries and schools about 'Being safe and secure around dogs'.  Held four dog shows featuring 'I luv my staffie' Ms Diva, Mr Slick and other categories.

This years Community Cup for the Most Responsible owner was won by David and his husky Shadow

2012 we petitioned for Anna the Elephant abused and kept in captivity for years to be freed and she now knows the safety and protection of a sanctuary where she tasted the joy of freedom. Along with Brian May we stopped (for now) the culling of badgers in UK and will continue our fight into 2013.

Mozart, Buttons, Clash and Betty  and Sebastian - felines abandoned on the streets of london got homes - Betty the tabby going as far as Gloucester!

Cuba a blue staffordshire bull terrier was found after a massive united facebook appeal and reunited with her family. Ruth a 'cruelty case' found her dream home after a long wait - never gave up on her. Missy and Bru two romanian dogs found their  forever home with my amazing friend Lynda Bryan and also I met the True K-9Angels - three glamourous ladies that work so hard for the animals in Romania, Thailand and other countries were their is no support or animal care for the strays. Many of us campaigned and tried to find homes not only for the poundies who have only 7 days to be rescued or reunited before they are euthanized - in UK but for dogs and cats in USA that were on Death Row.  Maria Daines, Marsha Jones, Nicola, Lynda, Laura, Gary Kaufman, Sharon, Paul - Natasha Mason - Vicki - Coleen - AnnMarie - So many Animal Angels to thank for their commitment - dedication and Never giving up.

Sadly we lost some beautiful feline and canine pals - Handsome Gentleman Dizzy - Magnificent Khan - Lovable  Mutley  a staffie I homed with a great family over ten years ago. Sweet Polo a little cat rescued from a hoarder who had over 150 cats and also Pookie.  Georgie a little terrier, Tiny Jessie a little yorkie rescued from abuse. Louise's little Angel - May you and all the animals that died that could not be saved. May you all run free - free from Pain.

And last but not least - I became a Doggy Godmother to 'Crissie' the little pup from Romania - thanks to a special lady Ghita - what an inspiration you are

May I wish everyone a happy new year and pledge to continue to fight for The welfare and protection of all animals, and to educate the uninformed - make laws harsher for the abusers NOT the victims.