Thursday 27 March 2014

Bassie the Bull Mastiff cross , Sheba the German Shepherd  Molly from Romania Oscar the terrier and Bailey join the dog training class in Maida Vale London W9. Enjoying the scents and activities of Paddington Recreation Ground

A Dog Training Session in South Westminster SW1 in the dog area of St Georges Square SW1 - Socialising all dog breeds - sizes - rescues - young pups - adults. Dogs are sociable creatures - it is us as humans that do not let our dogs socialise from an early age - but with time patience and 'controlled' interaction any dog any age can be socialised! Next Dog Workshop'  is Sunday  4th May  from 2pm-3.30pm
Any queries telephone 07949523710

Monday 24 March 2014

Update on canine culture March 2014

What a month it has been - Dog training classes - One to One Referrals - Meeting the wonderful Mercy from Iran - Boarding Domino from Thailand and watching my beautiful girls welcome another young lady to the family - Kiki from Greece - Welcome!

Which brings me to my 'blog' and my subject 'Rescue' - I now have three rescues - my previous dogs Rocks and MJ were both rescue - one saved as a puppy with his siblings from being drowned - the other living in a cupboard with three other dogs for the first six months of his life. Both of them were my introduction to RSPCA and the Mayhew Animal Home and to learning the trials, the tribulations and the JOY of owning a rescue and making me study dog Psychology and most importantly work and learn from 'dogs' themselves. I am sure all those who have 'rescued' 'fostered' or worked around animals  have known those 'trials and triumphs'!!

I work with all breeds of dogs - and each dog is different - with their own personality - their very own soul - and each day I learn more about them  - I only wish I could understand SOME of the human race   - as well!

Rescue - why do we rescue - and I am sure we all wish we could take every dog - mostly staffordshire bull terriers - out of the 'seven day or die' pounds - The streets of Turkey - Romania - Greece - Just go over there and STOP the horrific killings of 'galgos' - of street dogs who are poisoned - beaten and worst when spaying and neutering and governments spending money on animal welfare and humane shelters would NOT only stop the over breeding - the endless strays - it would stop the horror and inhumanity that is going on this very day.

Rescuers - we have amazing dedicated volunteers like Gemma Ashford - Niz Khan - K9Angels that spend their time - and money - fundraise just to get a few of these dogs to safety and a chance of life. Then we get the volunteers in Romania like Arwen Juliana - Adina Artene and others that dedicate their life and soul to the street dogs - neutering and spaying against all the odds. Then there are our friends from the other side of the atlantic who share the thousands of cats and dogs - young and old who each day are put on USA's death row - pledging their donations hoping that just one rescue would come forward - one guy I love to the max (though I have never met him ) - Gary K - Sharon  M  - a lady that is humbling in her pursuit of rescue for so many - and Ruth from CA - amazing people - a canine and felines 'lifeline'.

Lastly but not least our beautiful poundies - in UK - so many I can not name just one  - of the small rescuers - the fosterers - the transporters -  without listing them all but they know who they are - and the work they do - sharing - united in their aim - Get that poundie OUT - SAFE and shedding tears for the many that do not LEAVE through the front door.

Animals are gentle loving creatures whom we domesticate - often abused and cruelly used for greed - for gain - or worse - and yet so many - rescued - or picked up as strays or 'cruelty cases' just look for that love - that hand of comfort - and yet because of  our failures end up in pounds - shelters - or taken because of laws that are meant to protect but destroy and the 'victims' become the 'ones on trial' and the abusers walk 'free' - my last word - CHANGE THE LAWS and stop the abuse - CLOSE DOWN puppy farms - and stop the over breeding and abuse - NEUTER AND SPAY your pet and be responsible for their lives and STOP the thousands of unwanted litters being killed.