Friday 3 May 2013

Ageism!!! When Are You too OLD to ADOPT a pet

Sitting here with my two rescues - Missy Blue a jack russell/whippet cross and Chelsea Rose a jack russell cross - one aged ten years and the other about seven years old - I can not imagine NEVER having a dog or dogs in my life. Yet what happens when I am older and the day comes when my 'precious canine pals' have passed and I want once again to 'adopt' and give my heart and home to another dog . What happens  when my 'advancing years' are approaching - and even though I am active - healthy  in body and mind - Suddenly  my 'ability' to 'walk' 'care' and offer a homeless dog a safe and loving home is 'in doubt' by the very rescue centers I have always supported!!!

Ageism  in the 'Animal World' seems to be following the 'trend' of the workplace - and it is a sad day that 'shelters' and 'over zealous' administrators should judge us on a 'number' rather than on our ability to be a loving responsible adoptor of the numerous unwanted canines.

When I heard the story of a lovely lady who had had dogs all her life, just lost her little terrier of 15 years and wanted to rescue another little dog and was refused!! One rescue she contacted had the perfect dog for her and everything was going well - UNTIL she told them her age! Suddenly the dog had been already adopted- only to appear on their 'site' a few days later.  I met this lady - she is active - walks everywhere - lovely home with a secure garden and oh yes ----- nearly eighty.  She doesn't want a pup - she wants a dog who she can share her life with for quite a few years to come - thank you!!

So many homeless - abandoned dogs and cats - dumped  - young puppies - some just abandoned in parks - streets - unwanted litters surrendered to shelters - not only in UK but all over the world. Many thousands do not always get adopted - and in dog pounds in UK they have only seven days to be reunited with their owners - get rescue places OR being euthanized!!  Every day on the internet dogs, cats are networked by everyone to find them rescues, homes, fosters - animals that are on death row - animals that are in dog pounds.  Animals that are pleading with their eyes for just one chance of life and
through 'officialdoms red tape' and a focus on 'age' rather than a loving home here, at least in UK older animal lovers are being excluded from homing a dog.

Of course home checks are important - and activity and ability to own a dog is part of the process but please let rescues/shelters look again at their 'ageism' policy'