Saturday 23 February 2013

Dog Classes Saturday 23rd February 2013

A cold day - a threat of snow but I was determined my 'dog socialising class' was going ahead!!

I had arranged for the classes to take place in the (Dog Area)  Paddington Recreation Ground W9 - a lovely big enclosure for safe and security for all the dogs taking part. With registration forms, (for Public care and Liability Insurance and monitoring for Westminster Council) - training leads - water bowls (yes even in cold weather it is still good to have access to water for thirsty 'trainees') I was already to go - just needed some 'dogs' to bring their owners!!!

First to 'Bounce' through the gate was Ringo a lovely 'american bulldog' rescued from Bullies in Need - raring to 'socalise himself' with lots of vigor - then along came Junior a GSD x all the way from Spain - he was fearful of other dogs.

Bella the labrador came bounding up to me - her  owner holding 'for dear life' to the lead!  Alaska and Arakeetall (beautiful names) two very friendly huskies - Alaska the female had a little stubborn streak and only wanted to do what Alaska wanted! Rocky a handsome six month lurcher/GSD x came in - needs to learn 'lead control' and to be more confident around other dogs. BB the staffie cross came in with Molly the Romanian dog rescue eight years ago - both determined to show the 'other dogs' how 'it was done' as  they had been to 'quite a few' classes before.

Oh and lastly but not least Little Ava a little staffie pup with her 'foster mum' looking a bit overwhelmed with all the 'Big guys'! Ava is from the mayhew animal  home trenmar Gardens London NW10  - I offer a place in the class free to a puppy or dog from a rescue home for one or two sessions.

The first class is always to assess the dogs and the 'owners' behaviour and to socialise the dogs with each other - all on leads - it is also important that owners discuss in a group their own 'views' on their dogs behaviour before we practice 'walking on the lead' together in pairs - and to show how to stop the dogs from pulling - using the 'block'.
It was a great group of dogs - and I look forward to next Saturday 's session - and I hope they do too!!