Friday 11 October 2013

Dog training @MaidaVale with

11th October 2013

Training pups - it is so important to start socialising your young pup as soon as they are fully vaccinated - and if you have just rescued a pup from your local shelter or dogs trust or any local rescue start socialising them as as possible. I like to call my dog classes 'dog socialising classes' because one of the most important factors of owning a dog is for them to be good with other dogs and familar with the public and their local environment!

Last Sunday I held  my third dog training session in Maida Vale W9 in the Dog Area Enclosure in Paddington Recreation Ground.  This is an ideal training ground as it has the wide open spaces and also   three enclosures to practice 'recall'.  I also like my classes to be small - no more than 6 pups or 6 dog owners (to allow for owners with two family pets) - too many dogs in the class can be overwhelming to  pups entering the 'Big Bad world of Our's and also gives both owners and pups my full attention!!

Gracie the little spaniel cross pup and her big brother Hamish (whom apparently bullied her in the litter) started to learn the 'social graces' of siblings - and that 'mouthing' did not mean 'bullying' - Winston the cocker spaniel was a 'star' at recall and 'Boy' 's first time of the lead had his owners amazed.  Boy a border terrier had never had the correction of his mum - or any 'introduction' to other dogs before - but was gradually learning to interact with other dogs.  Next session is on Sunday the 20th October - can't wait to see how each dog has progressed - after giving out 'strict doggy homework'

This weekend is World Animal Day - the Feast day of St Francis of Assisi - and the Reverand Graham Noyce of St Martins Church Mortimer Road NW10 5SN invites all pet owners and their pets to be blessed at his church.  The event starts 2pm at St Martins Church (two minutes from Kensal Green (Bakerloo Line and Overground) Station and Bus No 18 route).
If you can not attend - you can email - or telephone 07958 950137
Emails will be accepted from abroad -
If your pet has sadly passed away - they can be remembered in Rev Noyce's Blessing

All donations will be sent to the nuns of the Russian Orthodox church in Kaluga region of Russia an established sanctuary for abandoned and unwanted animals especially cats. This service is dedicated to them and all animals all over the world
A special prayer and Blessing will be for the Street dogs of Romania who face the horror of slaughter by the Romanian Authorities

                                   An old Russian Prayer
Hear our prayer Lord for all the animals - May they find food - be well fed and protect them from hunger - fear and suffering - And we pray protect and fight against the inhumanity of fellow man
Protect especially in our land of such disregard for animals especially the little cat who is the companion in our home and the dog who forgives our trespasses with compassion -
Keep them safe as they go abroad and bring them back to comfort us