Sunday 9 December 2012

Bereavement - Tribute to Tilly the Rescue Cavalier

Animal Bereavement

Losing a beloved pet is one of the darkest days of your life - it is like losing one of the family - and sometimes it is hard to know when the time is right.  A vet will advise you but they can not make your decision for you - they can not tell you or show you the pain.

Only your precious pet can tell you that - (if only they could) - maybe they seem slower -yes  but they are getting old - they are still eating (maybe less - but then they do not go out much any more). Our ideal dream is they 'kiss us goodbye' and then go for that eternal sleep in our arms - but sadly it doesn't often happen  that way - and we have to decide 'when' it is time.  I have had to make the decision twice in my adult life - and it was heartbreaking - I hope this poem I wrote in tribute to an ex mayhew rescue dog 'Tilly' helps those who might have to make that 'saddest decision' this Christmas.

                                                            May I Leave Now

May I leave now - Will you let me say a Final Goodbye.
You gave me MY LIFE - You Came at the Final Hour - You Came
- You Rescued Me - And I Loved you from that Day.

May I Leave now - Take that Final Walk - Take the Step - Beyond
You will always have my heart but please set my spirit free

At first I fought - I did not want to go - I did not want to leave you -
I loved you so

But now I am feeling so old - and now I feel the pain
And Oh I can See the Shining Light of Freedom - reaching out
to me

May I leave now
Can I say my final goodbye
Sweet Mama - Please Please don't You Cry

I can see you are afraid - I can see it in your tears

I can try and give you one more day - but then that is really all I can give
My body is so tired - and I know it really is my time

So thank you for loving me - You know I love you too
Hold me one more time - and let me hear you say

Goodnight my Darling and
send me
On my final journey