Sunday 4 December 2016

This is one of the hardest posts I have had to write - on  Friday the 26th August 2016 at 12,15 I had to put my darling Missy Blue to sleep.  A decision that many of us have to make   - for that one day YOU have to play GOD!

Missy Blue - everyone who  knew her - loved her  - the children at various educational events where she taught them - how to be responsible around dogs - how not to fear dogs but also how NOT to approach strange dogs without permission from your parent and the owner.  Brave in  her battles with epilepsy - her fight against pnemonia in 2011 - her stomach disorders and finally pancreatitis a battle she lost. Most of all her little 'Ladylike personality' - she was definitely a 'little person dog'. She gave me and many so much love and happiness all her life with me - One thing I could do for her - is let her go.

You go into your vet who you trust and who knows your dog so well  (My dear vet used to call her his valentine) and you hope he can work one more miracle - one more chance - one more month, week - just one more day - BUT he can't - and when two weeks before - Ben said 'We all love Missy Blue - But we can't always work miracles - I knew in my heart - time was not on her side.

That morning I took her - Before I went her two canine sisters Kiki and Chelsea Rose went upto where she lay - and  each one licked her face - surrounding her as they said Goodbye.  But I still had hope - I still pushed all doubts to the back of my mind -Waiting for that MIRACLE -but it never came and  then she looked at me with those beautiful eyes and she licked my tears - resting herself gently in my arms -
'Mum - I am ready - its time.' and with my heart so broken I feel it will never mend I held her until her last breath - My Beautiful Beautiful Girl- How I miss you so

RIP Missy Blue - 26.08/2016
My Angel without Wings