Wednesday 29 September 2010

Dinny NOW FOUND 80 Miles away in Ireland

DDinny went missing fromCaher-Civeen on Sunday Dinny is a 5 year old nuetered male - very playful and friendly.  Dinny is microchipped to M. T. Lynn in United Kingdom. An Advertisement regarding his dissappearance has been put on Kerry Radio. A Reward has been offered for his return!.If  spotted or found please contact local rescue or vet or Kerry Radio in Ireland.
Latest News Dinny Was found Safe - Slightly Injured on Saturday 2nd October 2010.  Great News.
Dinny was found 80 miles away from his residence in Ireland.  His Owners were overjoyed and had praise for the people that found him and took him to the rescue where he was treated for a small injury.  Dinny had quite a FAN FOLLOWING on twitter and we hope he will start his own DINNY TWITTER page when he comes back to UK!

Thursday 23 September 2010

Angel rescued from Egypt

Angel has been rescued from the streets of Egypt.
She had a very bad time living on the streets and was only rescued after being found badly injured.  She had been run over by a truck and left to die.

Everything is now in place for her journey to the UK for Adoption.

If you are interested in adopting Angel you can contact Crissie


Mobile: 07949 523 710

Thursday 16 September 2010

Mable from Thailand

Mable the Thai Dog in London!

I met an amazing lady called Niz Khan at the Bike Ride on Saturday the 4th September. Niz had volunteered at a rescue in Thailand a sanctuary for stray dogs. She fell in love with Mable and brought her back to the UK!

Gemma who has been running the sanctuary for five years dedicates her time to helping the stray dogs of Thailand! Any Donations go towards medical care, upkeep and rehoming in the UK.

As A Dog Lover and Dog Trainer I can only say that Gemma and Niz are so inspirational.

I have offered any help with training or rehabilitation for when the Dogs come to the UK.

Thursday 9 September 2010

International Bike Ride in suppor of Canine's

Amazing Day Saturday 4th September - Went to meet some real dog lovers at Hyde Park.  It was to support the  Canine Life Support International Bike Ride.

With Passion and Enthusiasm the Bikers cycled from Europe to the UK. We were there to greet them and spur them on with champagne and balloons. 

Georgie Hymas a Dedicated Campaigner organised  the day - and I was lucky as a Dog Lover to be invited.

Met a rescued dog from Thailand - rescued only a few days before.  That is another story and will be in my next Blog!